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Registration and Records

Frequently Asked Questions

To view the classes for which you are currently registered, log into the Campus Information Services and select "view your class schedule" under the registration menu; you will need to specify which term you wish to view.

The Academic Calendar page has past, present and future calendars. These calendars include all important academic dates throughout the year including beginning and end dates for the semester.

For a listing of classes available by semester, see the Class Schedule.

If you want to take a credited class, either for a grade or audit, you must be admitted through the Admissions Office. If the course is a non-credit class, contact Continuing Education for assistance.

As outlined here, the University recognizes that students may wish to use a name other than their legal name in most university systems or communications. As such, prior to graduation, it is possible for a student to request to use a Preferred Name on their diploma according the information below.

To update the Preferred Name in CIS, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to CIS and then go to the Student Homepage tile.
  2. Click on the Profile tile, which is the one with your name and UNID on it, and then click on the Preferred name type row.
  3. Enter the new name information. (Last names cannot be changed via this method).
  4. Click the save button.

PLEASE NOTE: A Diploma Name may be adjusted prior to graduation following the instructions above and criteria below. However, once a student graduates, any subsequent requests to change the Diploma Name must be done by following the process to change the Official Name (Primary Name) via the Change of Personal Information Form. Applicants who are also University of Utah employees must contact the Payroll Reporter for their department to officially change their name on University records.

Last Updated: 6/14/22