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General Office Information

Phone: 801-581-5808
Fax: 801-585-7860

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School Code: 003675
Mailing Address

University of Utah
Office of the Registrar
201 S 1460 E RM 250N
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9056

Campus Address

250N Student Services Building [MAP]

Office Hours

Monday 8am-5pm
Tuesday 10am-5pm
Wednesday 8am-5pm
Thursday 8am-5pm
Friday 8am-5pm


Staff Directory

Staff Title Phone
Timothy Ebner University Registrar 801-581-5808
Zachary Pendleton Sr. Associate Registrar (Athletic Compliance / Veteran Services / Operations) 801-581-8972
Andrea Roner Associate Registrar (Student Systems / Technology) 801-585-6772
Ethan Webster Associate Registrar (Communications & Administrative Management) 801-581-3736
LoGan Gowers Assistant Registrar of Operations (Registration & Records / Graduation / Transcripts & Verifications) 801-585-3975
Stephen Walker Assistant Registrar of Athletic Eligibility 801-585-6495
Kathryn Dean Administrative Assistant 801-585-6294
VACANT Operations Support Specialist 801-581-5542
Marie Larsen Assistant Registrar (Student Systems / Technology) 801-581-6529

Degree Audit & Transfer Articulation

Staff Title Phone
Emily Johnson Assistant Registrar 801-581-3737
Paul Woods Degree Audit Analyst 801-585-1735
Stephanie Fausett Degree Audit Analyst  801-585-7103


Phone: 801-581-7852

Staff Title Phone
Jessica Murcia Supervisor 801-581-6072
Miriam Paulsen Academic Program Support Specialist 801-585-6766
Amanda Romo Academic Program Support Specialist 801-585-6762

Records & Registration

Phone: 801-581-8969

Staff Title Phone
Katie Van Lent Supervisor 801-581-3758
VACANT Assistant Supervisor 801-585-6716
Diana Guzman Academic Program Support Specialist 801-585-6298
Karen Ellsworth Academic Program Support Specialist 801-581-5386


Phone: 801-581-7854

Staff Title Phone
Elizabeth Johnson Associate Registrar 801-585-7708
Jessica Novak Project Coordinator 801-581-5099
Michael Bard Scheduling Specialist 801-581-7957
Meribha Dominguez Scheduling Specialist 801-581-4646

Student Systems and Technology

Phone: 801-587-8914
Fax: 801-581-5919

Staff Title Phone
Conor Robertson Student Systems and Technology Manager 801-581-8475
Candace Barlow Systems and Technology Analyst 801-585-6109
Clint Hayward Systems and Technology Analyst 801-581-8393
Sam Eubanks Sr. Systems and Technology/imaging Analyst 801-587-8921
Andrew Aboussleman Sr. Systems & Technology/Project Analyst 801-585-3603
Cristian Orellana Sr. Systems & Technology/Project Analyst 801-585-6724

Transcripts & Verifications

Phone: 801-581-8965
Fax: 801-585-9151

Staff Title Phone
Clint Erekson  Supervisor 801-585-1982
Timothy Dominguez  Academic Program Support Specialist 801-585-1984

Veteran Services

Phone: 801-581-6945

Staff Title Phone
James Martak Supervisor 801-581-6308
Brittany Franaschouk Assistant Supervisor 801-585-6473
Last Updated: 1/7/21