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*The Registrar’s Office is operating virtually. If you have questions please email our office and if you are faculty, students or staff, please use your UMail Account when contacting us.

General Office Information

Phone: 801-581-5808
Fax: 801-585-7860

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School Code: 003675
Mailing Address

University of Utah
Office of the Registrar
201 S 1460 E RM 250N
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9056

Campus Address

250N Student Services Building [MAP]

Office Hours

Monday 8am-5pm
Tuesday 10am-5pm
Wednesday 8am-5pm
Thursday 8am-5pm
Friday 8am-5pm


Staff Directory

Staff Title Phone
Timothy Ebner University Registrar 801-581-5808
Zachary Pendleton Sr. Associate Registrar (Athletic Compliance / Veteran Services / Operations) 801-581-8972
Andrea Roner Associate Registrar (Student Systems / Technology) 801-585-6772
Ethan Webster Associate Registrar (Communications & Administrative Management) 801-581-3736
Melissa Perritt Assistant Registrar of Operations (Registration & Records / Graduation / Transcripts & Verifications) 801-585-3975
Stephen Walker Assistant Registrar of Athletic Eligibility 801-585-6495
Kathryn Dean Administrative Assistant 801-585-6294
LoGan Gowers Operations Support Specialist 801-581-5542
Marie Larsen Assistant Registrar (Student Systems / Technology) 801-581-6529

Degree Audit & Transfer Articulation

Staff Title Phone
Emily Johnson Assistant Registrar 801-581-3737
Paul Woods Degree Audit Analyst 801-585-1735
Stephanie Fausett Degree Audit Analyst  801-585-7103


Phone: 801-581-7852

Staff Title Phone
Jessica Murcia Supervisor 801-581-6072
Cari Andersen Academic Program Support Specialist 801-585-6766
VACANT Academic Program Support Specialist 801-585-6762

Records & Registration

Phone: 801-581-8969

Staff Title Phone
Justin Beach Supervisor 801-581-3758
VACANT Assistant Supervisor 801-585-6716
Diana Guzman Academic Program Support Specialist 801-585-6298
Jose Luis De Avila Academic Program Support Specialist 801-581-5386


Phone: 801-581-7854

Staff Title Phone
Elizabeth Johnson Associate Registrar 801-585-7708
Jessica Novak Project Coordinator 801-581-5099
Michael Bard Scheduling Specialist 801-581-7957
Meribha Dominguez Scheduling Specialist 801-581-4646

Student Systems and Technology

Phone: 801-587-8914
Fax: 801-581-5919

Staff Title Phone
Conor Robertson Student Systems and Technology Manager 801-581-8475
Candace Barlow Systems and Technology Analyst 801-585-6109
Clint Hayward Systems and Technology Analyst 801-581-8393
Sam Eubanks Sr. Systems and Technology/imaging Analyst 801-587-8921
Andrew Aboussleman Sr. Systems & Technology/Project Analyst 801-585-3603
Taylor Adams Sr. Systems & Technology/Project Analyst 801-585-6724

Transcripts & Verifications

Phone: 801-581-8965
Fax: 801-585-9151

Staff Title Phone
Clint Erekson  Supervisor 801-585-1982
Timothy Dominguez  Academic Program Support Specialist 801-585-1984

Veteran Services

Phone: 801-581-6945

Staff Title Phone
James Martak Supervisor 801-581-6308
Brittany Franaschouk Assistant Supervisor 801-585-6473
Last Updated: 6/24/20