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Veteran Services

Each year, hundreds of University of Utah students use VA benefits to help pay for courses leading to University of Utah degrees, including graduate degrees.  All VA benefits are non-taxable and reduce the amount of financial aid for which you are eligible.

Veteran Benefits

New Students

For first time students coming to the University of Utah or students looking to use their veterans benefits for the first time.

Transfer Students

For students transferring to the University of Utah and are looking to transfer their veterans benefits from their previous institution.

Continuing Students

For students currently using their veterans benefits at the University of Utah.


Veteran Services FAQs

Student Responsibilities - Each Semester

What You Need To Know About Using Your Benefits

How to Receive Priority Registration as a Student Veteran or Dependent

Isakson Roe Act


Other Resources

Activation for Military Duty

If you have been activated for military service, please visit our Activation for Military Duty Information page.

Veteran Support Center

The Veteran Support Center can help Veterans with everything on campus not related to GI Bill® benefits.

Union Building, Rm 418

VA Education Department

If you have questions about eligibility or about payments you received, contact the VA office in Muskogee.


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Veteran Services

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