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Activation for Military Duty

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If you have been activated for military service, contact our office as soon as possible so that we may assist you with any issues concerning your classes, registration status, or your educational benefits.

What You Need To Do:

The military activation form and a copy of your orders should be submitted to the Registration and Records division at the Office of the Registrar (Window 13) in the Student Services Building (room 250N), or you are welcome to fax all documentation to (801) 585-7860, or send via U.S. Mail to:

University of Utah, Office of the Registrar
Registration and Records Division
201 South 1460 Eeast, Room 250N
Salt Lake City, Utah

What We Can Do for You:

  • We can stop your GI Bill®. You will not have to repay any money paid through your activation date. Your entitlement will be restored back to the beginning of the semester.
  • We can request an official Leave of Absence for you so that you don’t have to reapply to the University of Utah upon your return.
  • If you are activated while school is in session, we can help you determine what to do with your classes for the term.  Through the Registration Division, we can request withdrawals from some or all of your classes, or we can request that your courses be deleted completely. 

A full tuition refund will be granted to students who properly withdraw from classes after receiving official orders that activate them for military service before the semester/term ends.  In order to receive a refund under these circumstances, a student is required to submit a copy of their activation orders to the Registrar’s Office, 250N Student Services Building.

Veteran Services

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Last Updated: 4/3/24