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Transferring Your Benefits to the University of Utah

University of Utah Admission

If you have not already applied for admission to the University of Utah, complete the online application.


Transferring your VA Benefits to the University of Utah

Please complete the required "Request for Benefits" form and any optional forms that may apply.


Required forms:

Request for Benefits (PDF)

To keep your benefits going every semester, you will need to make sure you fill out the “Request for Benefits” form for every semester you want to use your benefits. We do not assume you want to use them every semester. If we do not have a Request for Benefits form submitted, we will not send anything to VA.


Optional forms:

Military Service Credit Request (PDF)

By completing this form and supplying a copy of your most recent DD-214 or LES statement showing at least 181 days of active duty time, the University of Utah will grant you 4 credits towards your degree to meet the minimum 122 credits required to graduate with an undergraduate degree. This will count as a general 4 credits and not fulfill or replace any required course that you need to take. It only counts towards the 122 credits required to graduate. (This benefit does not apply to graduate level students.)

Yellow Ribbon Program (PDF)

In order to qualify for the Yellow Ribbon Program, you need to be using the Post 911 GI Bill® and be at the 100% rating. The Yellow Ribbon Program is only necessary if you are being charged non-resident tuition. If you are a resident, and at the 100% rating, you will not need it. To apply for Yellow Ribbon: Fill out the “Yellow Ribbon Request Form” and provide us with a copy of your certificate of eligibility showing you at the 100% rating under the Post 911 GI Bill®.

Primary School Letter Request (PDF)

If you are planning on attending two different colleges to complete requirements for your degree at the University of Utah. You will need to complete a “Primary School Letter Request Form” to have your courses certified at the other school.


Transferring benefits to a dependent

If you are looking to transfer your Post 911 GI Bill® to a dependent, please visit the GI Bill® website for information on how to transfer it:

Vocational Rehab

If you are going through Vocational Rehab, you will need to contact your Voc Rehab counselor and make sure they send us a new 1905 authorization form. After you’ve done that, you will need to fill out a request for benefits form with our office.

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