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Veteran FAQs

Why do I need to fill out a Request for Benefits form every semester?

The request for benefits form is used by our office to determine which semester(s) you want to use your benefits. Some students may not want to use their benefits for a given semester because they may only be taking one class, or they want to conserve their benefits for a future semester because they received a scholarship, etc. This form allows students to manage their benefits with the school under scenarios where they might not want/need to use them. (Note: you can choose to fill out a request for benefits form for up to 3 semesters at a time meaning you would actually only have to fill it out once a year.)

How do I verify my enrollment?

Only Chapter 30, Chapter 1606 and Chapter 1607 students need to verify. You need to do this every month in order to get paid. The earliest you can verify is the last day of each month. You can either call in 1-877-823-2378 or verify on-line at

If you are receiving benefits under Chapters 31, 33 or 35, you do not need to verify.

I tried to verify my enrollment on WAVES, and the VA doesn’t have any record of me.
First, check with our office to make sure you submitted a request for benefits for this semester. If so and we have submitted your enrollment certification to the VA already, it can take the VA 6-8 weeks to process the EC. If it’s been longer than 8 weeks and the VA still has no record of you, contact the VA at: 1-888-442-4551

Why am I not getting paid the full amount?
The VA only pays for classes that count for a major program, general education courses, and if the student has them, electives needed to achieve the 122 credits for graduation. If you are taking a class that is not required for any of the above reasons, the course is not approved and the VA does not recognize it.

How can I change my major?
Fill out a 22-1995 Change of Program or place of training form to declare the new major with the VA. 

Can I pursue a minor or a double major?
The VA no longer approves minors unless it is required by your major or you can complete the minor within the 122 credits required to graduate. The loop hole for minors is requesting a dual major in the subject you wish to minor in and only completing the minor requirements. To request a dual major, you just need to fill out the dual major request form through our office.

How can I notify the VA that I’ve dropped a course?
Notify our office of any changes you plan to make to your schedule. A call or e-mail is sufficient.

Where do I take my paperwork for Tuition Assistance?
You need to take any TA paperwork to the income accounting department.

What happens if I fail a class?
If you continue to attend the class and are given and "E" grade, the VA will not require you to repay the benefits you have received for that class. If you stop attending the class or are given a "W", "EU", or "NC" grade the VA may require you to repay the benefits you have already received.

Will the VA pay for me to repeat a course?
If you are repeating the course because you received a lower grade than is necessary to meet the requirement it fulfills for your major or general education requirements, or your major requires multiple completions of a course you will be certified for the class.

If you are repeating a course for any other reason, it will not be certified.

Where can I get information about State Tuition Waivers for National Guard Members and Purple Heart Recipients?
Purple Heart recipients should contact Financial Aid (801-581-6211). National Guard members should contact their Education Officer.

When will I get paid?
It can take the VA 6-8 weeks from the time we submit enrollment certifications to process them and send out payments. You are also paid for the month prior. For example you would receive Octobers payment in November, etc. If you are chapter 30, 1606 or 1607 you need to verify your enrollment each month in order to get paid.

I received an email from your office saying one of my classes wasn’t approved.
Due to FERPA regulations, we are not allowed to tell you which class it is by phone or email. You will need to come into our office with a picture ID. However, we use Degree Audit to certify your classes. You can always look to see which class is not showing up on your degree audit and that is most likely the class that isn’t approved. If the class you are taking IS required but not showing up on your degree audit, you should speak with our office to find out how to get it approved.

What is advance pay?
Only Chapters 30, 35, 1606 and 1607 are eligible for advance pay. The VA basically gives you the first month and a half of pay up front, usually a few weeks before the start of the semester to help buy books, supplies, etc. You have to request it at least 35 days before the start of the semester. See our office about requesting it.

I want to get my benefits started up again.
If it has been less than a year since you’ve used your benefits at the U of U, you only need to fill out a new request for benefits form with our office. If it’s been more than a year, you will need to fill out a 1995/5495 change of program form with our office to re-activate your benefits.

How much money does the GI Bill pay?
A list of payment rates for Chapters 30, 35, 1606 and 1607 are located here:

The Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33) pays for the following:

  • Tuition and Fees (depending on percentage rating)
  • Housing Allowance (BAH) – If student is above half time (6.5 credits) they will receive the full amount. It is based on an E-5 with dependents. They can view the housing allowance rates here:
  • Book stipend of up to $1000 per academic year

How do I set up direct deposit?
Call this number with the VA to set up direct deposit: 1-877-838-2778

Have additional questions about the Post 9/11 Bill?

See the Post 9/11 Bill FAQs

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