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Frequently Asked Questions

Adding Classes

I am a newly admitted student. Do I need to do anything before registering for classes?
All freshman/transfer undergraduate students are required to attend an orientation prior to registering for classes. Transfer students must also meet with an advisor before they are eligible to enroll.

Non-matriculated students cannot enroll in classes until Open Enrollment.

Graduate students may register during their assigned registration date.

What is a "registration date"?
Your registration date is the date and time that you may begin to register for classes. This is determined by your academic level and the number of hours completed at the University of Utah.

Why do I need a permission number/code?
The reasons you may need a permission number/code include, but are not limited to: if the class is full, outside your major field of study, a graduate level course as an undergraduate student, or if the department requires all students to contact the professor prior to registering for the course.

Permission numbers/codes are also required for all courses beginning the second week of the term.

How do I obtain a permission code?
Contact the instructor of the course. He/she should have permission number/codes to distribute to students. Some departments allow their office staff to issue permission number/codes in addition to or in place of the instructor. Some departments also have a permission number/code request form on their department webpage.

How do I add my class using a permission code?
Log in to the Campus Information Services, click on the "Registration" tile on your Student Homepage,  click on the "Add Class" link, choose the term, and then enter the "class number" or find the class by using the "class search". Select the class and enter the permission number/code in the permission number field. For more information visit the Registration webpage.

What is an audit and how do I audit a class?
An audit grade can be elected in credit courses when no grade is desired. A course may be audited if it is not available to be taken as non-credit, and/or if a class is to be taken for personal benefit. Students auditing a course are not held responsible for completed course work or tests during the class. An audited course will show on a student's transcript with a 'V' grade and '0.00' as the awarded number of credit hours. Tuition and fees are assessed at the same rate as classes taken for credit.

An international student may audit any class; however, these hours will not count towards the minimum number of credit hours required by the immigration regulations for maintaining lawful full time status.

Students indicate their desire to audit a class at the Registration window (#13), on the second floor of the Student Services Building, or by calling (801) 581-8969 until the fourteenth calendar day of the term.

How many credits can I take in a semester?
There are no restrictions on the number of credit hours undergraduates can enroll in during a given term; however, the Campus Information Services limits registration to 19 credit hours until the open enrollment period begins. During the open enrollment period undergraduate students can register online for up to 24 credit hours. To register for more than 24 credit hours, contact the Registration Division by going to the registration window (#13) at the Office of the Registrar located on the second floor of the Student Services Building or by emailing

Graduate students may only register for up to 16 credit hours online. Enrollment for more than 16 hours may be added through Registration with approval from the Graduate School.

How do I add a class past the add deadline?
After the last day to add classes, all permission numbers/codes are invalid for classes that have already begun. You must obtain a form from the registration window (#13) at the Office of the Registrar located on the second floor of the Student Services Building and follow its instructions before the class will be added. 

How do I obtain a Late Add Form?
Students should register for courses through the Campus Information Services during the appointment period through the first two weeks of the semester. A late add form is required beginning the third week of the term. The form may be obtained by coming to the registration indow (#13) at the Office of the Registrar located on the second floor of the Student Services Building.

I am a senior citizen. Can I take classes through the University?
Utah residents 62 years and older are eligible to register for credit classes as an auditing student for a fee of $25 per term plus any special fees attached to the class through the House Bill 60 program. See Continuing Education for more information.

My son/daughter is on a mission can I add his/her classes?
You need a signed release from your son/daughter in order to add classes on his/her behalf. The release must clearly state that you have the authorization to register your son/daughter for courses. Bring the written statement with your picture ID to the registration window (#13) at the Office of the Registrar located on the second floor of the Student Services Building.

Can I get double credit if I repeat a class?
Many classes at the University are not repeatable for credit. To determine if a course is repeatable for credit contact the department offering the course.

Can I retake a course to receive a better grade?
You are able to retake a course as long as the course is still offered at the University. You must submit a Repeated Class Notification to the Registrar’s Office once the second course is complete. The first grade will show on your transcript; however it will not be calculated into your GPA. If you take a class three or more times you are subject to repeated course fees administered by Income Accounting and Student Loan Services. For more information about repeated courses and to review repeated course policies click here.

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