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Frequently Asked Questions


I know it is past the drop deadline can I still drop a class?
No, but you may withdraw from a class until the midpoint of the term. This may be done by selecting a class through the Campus Information Services. A "W" grade is recorded on your transcript and appropriate tuition and fees are assessed.

Why did I receive a "W" when I selected the drop link?
You may drop full semester length courses through the tenth calendar day of the term. After that point, you are allowed to withdraw from classes for circumstances beyond your control. A "W" does not affect your GPA. It signifies that you registered and then withdrew from the class.

If I withdraw from a class can I repeat it later and have the "W" taken off my transcript?
The "W" will remain on your transcript even if you repeat the course.

How do I get a "W" off my records?
Students must initiate requests to delete a “W” with their college dean or dean’s office designee. As such, a student may need to schedule an appointment and meet with the dean (or designee) before a petition to delete a “W” may be initiated. Requests to delete a "W" are not approved unless documentation is provided that demonstrates University administrative actions are the cause for the withdrawal. Requests to delete a “W” are only accepted from the dean or dean’s office designee of the college associated with the student's major.

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