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Updating Chosen/Preferred Name in CIS

The University of Utah is committed to promoting a campus community welcoming of a diverse faculty, staff, trainees, and student body. At the University, we recognize that a person's legal name and identity may not align and therefore respect an individual's decision to be identified by their chosen (or "preferred") name and pronouns. This is based upon University Policy which prohibits discrimination based upon a person's gender identity and gender expression.

We recognize that students may wish to use a name other than their legal name in most university systems or communications. Reasons for name changes may include students known by nicknames that are different from their names of record, international employees or students who wish to adopt an English language name, and/or transgender or non-binary students with a chosen name different than their legal name.

In these instances, and others, students may opt to specify their chosen first name via CIS. This is currently listed as the "preferred name" field in current campus systems.

When designated by a student, chosen/preferred first name will be displayed in the University systems listed below. Some systems may require use of a legal name. If you have questions about a system that is not listed below, contact the department that controls that system. If you are not sure who to contact, you may contact The Office of the Registrar for clarification.

Use of a chosen/preferred name is not permissible for any purpose of misrepresentation. The University reserves the right to remove a chosen/preferred name if it is deemed inappropriate. If a student does not specify a chosen/preferred name, the legal name will continue to be used for all purposes.


Legal name: The first and last name which appears on a social security card or other government issued document (e.g. court order) on which a legal name change is recorded.

Chosen/preferred name: The first name by which a student wishes to be known and is referred to in their daily life; a chosen name. May also include students with preferred "nicknames."


If I update the “preferred name” field in CIS, where is that information displayed?


University System

Name Display

Campus Directory

Chosen/preferred Name

Class Rosters

Chosen/preferred Name (displays alongside legal name)

Academic Works Scholarship System

Chosen/preferred Name (displays alongside legal name)

Zoom (university account)

Chosen/preferred Name

Merit pages

Chosen/preferred Name

If you have questions about how name is displayed in other systems not listed above, contact the department that controls that system. You can also see instructions for how to update your name in several commonly used systems on the LGBT Resource Center’s website.

How do I update my name in CIS as a student?

  1. Login to CIS and then go to the Student Homepage tile
  2. Click on the Profile (one with your name) tile and click on the Preferred name type row
  3. Enter new chosen First name
  4. Click the save button

How many times can I update my chosen/preferred name?

Students may update their chosen/preferred name as many times as necessary while enrolled at the university.

What if I don’t want to update my chosen/preferred name?

Students who do not wish to update their chosen/preferred first name do not need to do anything; their legal name at the time of enrollment will display by default in campus systems.

Other Questions?

For any questions, contact The Office of the Registrar.





Last Updated: 8/25/21