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FAQ - Undergraduate Students

Declaring Intent to Graduate

Changing a Current Application

Registrar's Office Evaluations and Degree Conferral


Utah Asia Campus

Additional Questions

Declaring Intent to Graduate

When do I become Eligible to apply for graduation?

In most cases students seeking a Undergraduate degree become eligible to apply for graduation once 90 credit hours have been completed. There are some occasions when a student will not reach 90 credits but will be ready to graduate.

If a student wants to graduate and needs eligibility to apply online through CIS, the student needs to email from the student’s UMAIL. The email needs to request eligibility to apply online and a brief explanation of the plan to complete requirements by the end of the semester he/she intends to graduate. The request to add eligibility needs to be received by the graduation division at least 24 hours prior to the application deadline for the intended graduation term. Back to Top

When is the Graduation Application Due?

Graduation Term Due Date
Fall (December) September 4
Spring (April) January 17
Summer (August) May 20

*Applications received by March 1st will have names included in the Spring Convocation Programs.

After the due date, late applications will be accepted with a $25 late fee. Back to Top

What is the catalog year and why is it important?

The catalog year is associated with the academic year that a student declares their major/minor. However, students can use any of the five active catalog years: the current academic year and the four previous years. A new catalog year begins every Fall and expires every Summer. Because requirements change from year to year it is important that students and advisors ensure that the correct catalog year is listed in the student’s record, on their degree audit, and on their application for graduation. Back to Top

How do I check for duplicate transfer courses and why is this important?

In most cases students may only receive credit for taking a course once.  While processes may catch most duplicate courses transferred from other institutions sometimes these are not caught because of slight differences in names or numbering conventions or timing of when the duplicate course is taken at the U.  Once a duplicate course is detected it will be removed from your record which may negatively impact your plans to graduate.  Therefore, early detection of duplicate coursework from other institutions is extremely helpful.

Using Degree Audit (formerly known as My Degree Dashboard), review the Summary of Transfer Credit and Summary of Courses Taken at the University of Utah sections to see if any courses look like they may be potentially equivalent based on number and naming conventions (see example below).  If duplicate coursework is suspected and both courses are showing final grades, then complete the Duplicate Course Notification form and submit it to the Registrar's Office, Graduation Division.  Note: the coursework taken at the U is always kept regardless of when the course was taken.

Duplicate Example

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How do I check for repeated U of U courses and why is this important?

In most cases students may only receive credit once for a course.  Automated processes detect most repeated courses and a student's records is flagged so that the course is only counted one time towards graduation. However, occasionally because of timing and how grading occurs two or more equivalent courses may not be flagged as repeated on a student's record.  Once detected, the repeated course will be flagged and any equivalent prior courses will no longer count towards graduation.  Some situations where this may occur include:

  • When a student gets an "I" (incomplete) or "T" (work in progress) grade on the recent attempt which then converts to a final grade at a later point
  • If a student record is migrated from a legacy system to the current system
  • When a course is added late through a petition process

Using Degree Audit, review the Repeated Courses section.  If courses have been flagged properly they should be listed with a ">X" after the grade.  If courses are listed without the ">X" symbol then it needs to be reported to the Registration Division as soon as possible:

  • Online: complete a Repeated Class Notification form via the Campus Information Services
  • In Person: visit the Registrar's Office in the Student Services Building, second floor, window #13

Repeat Example

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What should students do who want to change their graduation date, but have been previously denied graduation or have already renewed or reapplied to a future semester? 

If an undergraduate student has already used his one free renewal or has been denied graduation for a prior semester then he must complete the reapplication process. This includes submitting the reapplication form and paying a $25 fee. The due date is the last day of classes for any given semester.

Graduate students wishing to change their graduation term or have been denied graduation can reapply for graduation without a fee. Back to Top

Can students complete more than one emphasis?

Yes, if the major has been approved for multiple emphases. Once a graduation application is on file for a student an emphasis can be dropped or added with a formal request from their umail account to BEFORE the last day of classes. Back to Top   

Changing a Current Application

How can a student change something once the Graduation Application has been submitted? 

Once students apply for graduation, any changes to their record must be done by either the Graduation Division, or the Registration and Records Division.

Undergraduate students can use the Notification of Graduation Change form (PDF) to request the following changes:

  • Update Degree Type including Honors Degrees
  • Add/Remove a minor.
  • Update Catalog year
  • Add/Drop an emphasis
  • Withdraw an application

Graduate Students can use the Declaration/Change of Graduate Emphasis form (PDF) to declare, change, or remove an emphasis.

Please contact from your umail account for more information. Back to Top

What should students do upon realizing they are not going to complete requirements even though they have already applied to graduate? 

If this occurs and has never occurred before, undergraduate students should alert the Graduation Division by sending a formal request through their umail account to asking to renew their graduation application to a specific future semester.  Undergraduate applicants are only allowed one renewal of their initial graduation application and the request must be submitted before the end of the initial application term.  Note:  students who have already used this option or have been denied graduation must complete the reapplication process and pay the corresponding $25 reapplication fee. Back to Top

How can I add a minor after I turned in my graduation application?

Complete the Notification of Graduation Change form and then submit it to the Graduation Division of the Registrar’s Office. Back to Top

I have not completed my minor requirements but still want to receive my degree.  What do I do?

Send an email from your umail account to requesting to drop your minor.  Indicate your name, ID number, major, and graduating term.  Candidates may also drop a minor in person at the Registrar’s Office (window #15). Back to Top

Registrar's Office Evaluations and Degree Conferral

What happens after a graduation application is submitted to the Registrar’s Office?

For undergraduate students applying by the due date, three evaluations are done before a degree is awarded. All evaluations follow the Graduation Evaluation Process. We check and report any duplicate or repeated courses at this point. The first is an Initial Evaluation – students are sent a simple email referring them to check the Degree Audit report that we have generated for them. The second is the Provisional Evaluation and only students who have deficient requirements are sent an email listing those deficiencies and instructions for changing their graduation term. The last evaluation is done at the end of the semester – students will receive a Umail indicating their status has changed to “awarded” or “denied.” Denied students are given instructions on how to reapply.  Awarded students are mailed their diploma.  Although the final evaluation process takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete, degrees are awarded daily and diplomas are mailed weekly during this time. Back to Top

What does the Graduation Evaluation Process entail for undergraduate students?

The Graduation Division uses the Degree Audit report to evaluate each undergraduate student for graduation. This begins by verifying the student’s major, degree type, emphasis (if applicable), minor(s) (if applicable), and catalog year. We then verify that the Hours/GPA in PeopleSoft match the Hours/GPA on Degree Audit. If they do not, other steps are taken to correct the record before we continue the evaluation. We then review repeated U of U work and check for duplicate transfer credit that may have been misapplied. We verify that all requirements have been met; any deficiencies (red x’s) on Degree Audit will cause the student to be denied graduation. GPA honors and certificates are evaluated before they are posted to a student’s record. Back to Top

When does a student have to have all of their work completed for a degree?

In order to qualify for graduation for a specific term students must have all work completed and turned in by the conferral date of that semester. For Summer/Fall students, this would be the last day of finals for the graduating term. Back to Top

When should transfer work be posted to a student’s record in order to graduate on time?

All transfer work from other institutions needs to be posted to the student’s University of Utah record by the last day of classes.  The Office of Admissions oversees this process and it takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks; therefore, students who are transferring in work during their last term should apply to graduate the following term. Transfer work that is not posted by the last day of classes for the final semester will result in the student being denied graduation and subsequently having to complete the reapplication process. Students studying abroad during their final semester also face this situation if their grades are not on the records by the end of the graduating term. Back to Top

When is it reasonable for an undergraduate student to seek an exception to the residency requirement?

All undergraduate students must earn at least 30 semester credit hours from the University of Utah and at least 20 of the last 30 semester credit hours earned towards a student’s degree must be earned from the University of Utah.  The University’s Graduation Committee has approved certain exceptions for this requirement including: 

  • Transferring 15 or fewer final credits from an approved learning abroad or international exchange program (does not apply to U of U courses held at the Asia Campus or other off-campus location);
  • Transferring more than the allowed 10 credits when those credits are not being used to fulfill graduation requirements; and
  • Being confronted with an involuntary change of residence (owing to military obligations, health, marriage, etc.) when the student is within 30 credits for graduation and has earned at least 90 credits from the University of Utah.

An Application for Residency Requirement Exception must be filed with the Registrar’s Office along with proper documentation prior to the last day of the student’s anticipated graduation term. 

Contact for more information. Back to Top

When will the degree be posted to my records (transcript)?

The process for final evaluation takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete after the end of each term, but degrees are awarded daily and diplomas are mailed weekly during this time.  Once your degree has been awarded, you will be sent a notification through your Umail account. Official transcripts that are processed after receipt of the Degree Awarded Umail, will include your graduation information. Back to Top

Is there any way to expedite the evaluation process?

No, the Graduation Division is not able to evaluate students individually; however degrees are evaluated and awarded as quickly as possible. The process for final evaluation takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete after the end of each term, but degrees are being awarded and diplomas mailed daily during this time.  Once your degree has been awarded, you will be sent a notification through your Umail account. Back to Top

What/When is the Conferral date?

The conferral date is always the last day of finals in Fall and Summer or the Commencement day in Spring.  This is the graduation date listed on the diploma and transcripts. Back to Top

Who qualifies for Honors at Graduation?

Students must meet the hours and GPA requirement in order to qualify.  Current information can be found on our website, Honors at Graduation

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How do I check the status on my graduation application?

If you applied for graduation for the current commencement year, you can check your status by logging onto Campus Information Services and selecting "View Graduation Status" under the Graduation menu.  Graduation Review Status will indicate one of the following:

  • Application Received: Indicates that you have applied to graduate.
  • Initial Evaluation in Progress: The Graduation Division is reviewing your academic record.
  • Needs Additional Review Eval Pending: The Graduation Division has questions about your record and additional information is needed before the review can be completed. 
  • Initial Evaluation Complete: The Graduation Division completed an evaluation comparing your academic record with your Degree Audit (formerly known as My Degree Dashboard).
  • Provisional Review – In Progress: Occurring in your expected graduation term, the Graduation Division will review your academic record
  • Contact Advisor(s): Deficiencies have been noted in your expected graduation term.  Contact your advisor to consider if you should delay graduation or if your requirements can still be completed this term. 
  • Review Complete On Track: The Graduation Division has noted that your Degree Audit (formerly known as My Degree Dashboard) shows all requirements are either completed or are in progress. 
  • Review Complete Ready to Award: The Graduation Division has noted that your Degree Audit (formerly Known as My Degree Dashboard) shows all requirements are completed. 
  • In Final Review: The Graduation Division will be reviewing your Degree Audit to determine if your degree can be awarded. 
  • Ready to Award: The Graduation Division has noted that all requirements are complete and your degree will be awarded at or after the conferral date. 
  • Awarded Degree: The Graduation Division has certified that all requirements are completed and your degree is now part of your student record. 
  • Denied – Contact Advisor(s): The Graduation Division was unable to certify completion of all requirements.  Contact your advisor(s) to discuss reapplying for graduation in a future term. 

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When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are typically ordered within a week of your degree being awarded after review by the Graduation Division.  They are sent to the mailing address current on CIS at that time.  Once the diploma is ordered you can check on the status by entering your personal information at this link:  For those living locally, your diploma will most likely arrive within two weeks after your degree is awarded. Back to Top

Can I get my diploma if there is a hold on my records?

If the hold restricts release, your diploma cannot be released until the hold has been removed. Diplomas will not be issued until all financial obligations to the University of Utah have been cleared. Back to Top

How do I change the name for my diploma? 

As outlined here, the University recognizes that students may wish to use a name other than their legal name in most university systems or communications. As such, prior to graduation, it is possible for a student to request to use a Preferred Name on their diploma according the information below.

To update the Preferred Name in CIS, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to CIS and then go to the Student Homepage tile.
  2. Click on the Profile tile, which is the one with your name and UNID on it, and then click on the Preferred name type row.
  3. Enter the new name information. (Last names cannot be changed via this method).
  4. Click the save button.
  5. Notify the Graduation Division ( in writing that you desire to use your Preferred Name on your diploma. This must be done by the last day of classes for the semester the student is expecting to graduate. In addition, to have the Preferred Name included in the Spring Convocation Programs, these steps must be completed by March 1st.

PLEASE NOTE: A Diploma Name may be adjusted prior to graduation following the instructions above and criteria below. However, once a student graduates, any subsequent requests to change the Diploma Name must be done by following the process to change the Official Name (Primary Name) via the Change of Personal Information Form. Applicants who are also University of Utah employees must contact the Payroll Reporter for their department to officially change their name on University records.

Additional Information: 

Diploma Name:

By default, the Diploma Name is a student’s Primary Name unless the student requests a change. A Diploma Name may not have a prefix, however, a suffix can be added upon written request without it being listed on the Primary Name.

  • Example: John Smith Jr.

Below are the guidelines through which a Diploma Name may be adjusted prior to the last day of classes for the semester the student is expecting to graduate.

Preferred Name: 

A preferred name may be listed on a diploma as long as the student has designated that Preferred Name in their profile using the Student Homepage. The Preferred Name may include a preferred middle name.

First Name: 

If a student has not designated a Preferred Name, a first name may be shortened in instances in which there is a commonly used short-version of the name that is recognizable as a part of the Primary Name.

  • Examples: Daniel/Dan, Frederick/Fred, Suzanne/Suzy, or Kathryn/Katie/Kate.

Middle Name: 

If a student has not designated a middle name as part of their Preferred Name, a middle name may be adjusted per a student’s written request to the Graduation Division without requiring an official change to the student’s Primary Name in these circumstances:

  • Middle names may be shortened to an initial.
    • Example: Elizabeth -> E or E.
  • Middle names may be lengthened as long as the full middle name was listed as part of the student’s Primary Name at some point in the student’s history at the University of Utah.

If a student would like to add a middle name to their Primary Name, a Change of Personal Information Form should be sent to Registration and Records with the necessary documentation.

Last Name: 

The last name that is used on a diploma must coincide with a student’s Primary Name. If a last name needs to be changed, a Change of Personal Information Form should be sent to Registration and Records with the necessary documentation.

Accented Characters: 

The Diploma Name may be adjusted to have accented characters. The Notification of Graduation Change Form should be submitted to identify the characters that the student is wishing to accent on the Diploma Name.
Should you encounter any situations that are unique or if you have questions, please reach out to the Graduation Division of the Office of the Registrar ( Back to Top

How do I update my address for my diploma? 

Log on to the Campus Information Services to change your mailing address.  Your diploma will be sent to the mailing address we have on file for you at the time you are cleared for graduation. Back to Top

How can I get a replacement diploma?

University alumni may request a replacement or additional diploma from the Registrar’s Office, Graduation Division. Back to Top

Utah Asia Campus

I plan to graduate at the conclusion of the Asia Campus Spring semester. When will my degree be awarded?

Students who are finishing their last semester at the Asia Campus during the Spring semester will have their degree conferred at the conclusion of the Summer semester.

If I am graduating at the conclusion of the Asia Campus Spring semester, why do I need to wait for Summer semester to end?

Prior to awarding a degree, students must complete all coursework necessary for that degree. The Asia Campus Spring semester does not end until after the conferral date for the Spring semester for all campuses. Since there can only be one conferral date per semester, students completing their degree at the conclusion of the Asia Campus Spring semester are awarded degrees at the conclusion of the Summer semester.

I need to show that I have completed my degree, I am unable to wait until end of the summer semester. What options do I have?

Students in this situation can request a Statement of Degree Completion from the Graduation Division as soon as grades have posted from the Asia Campus Spring Semester.

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Additional Questions

Can a student complete a minor after they have graduated?

No. A University minor can only be received at the same time the student graduates with a major. The minor is an attribute to a degree and not an entity by itself.  Students should declare the minor with the appropriate department before applying for graduation.  Additionally,

  • Teaching minors must be completed in conjunction with a teaching major.
  • Students can complete more than one minor at a time.
  • If a minor is not complete upon graduation it can only be awarded if it is attached to another major completed at a later date.
  • Both the major and minor must be complete during our final evaluation for a degree to be awarded. They will not be awarded separately.
  • If a student decides not to complete the minor and would like their degree awarded with just their major they must formally request through umail to to drop their minor before the end of the term.

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Can I pursue a second bachelor’s degree? 

A student who has previously earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Utah or from another accredited institution is eligible to pursue a second Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in a different discipline.  The major of the second degree cannot be the same as the previously awarded degree.  For example, a student who has earned a BA in Psychology cannot pursue a BS in Psychology. 

Students should consult with a departmental advisor to determine whether a second bachelor's degree or a graduate program better meets their needs.

Students wishing to earn a second bachelor's degree must fulfill the following requirements:

  • All requirements for the major
  • Residency Hours Requirement
  • American Institutions*
  • Quantitative Reasoning (QA and QB)*
  • Lower Division Writing*
  • Upper Division Communication/Writing*
  • Diversity*
  • International Requirement*
  • Minimum 2.00 GPA
  • Current requirements for BS, BA, BFA, BSW, BMus, BUS*

*Not required if completed in the first bachelor's degree.

If a student has completed a bachelor's degree outside the U.S. and the degree is recognized by the University, Intellectual Exploration courses are automatically fulfilled.  All other requirements are evaluated separately. Back to Top

Who may participate in commencement and convocation exercises?

Commencement exercises are held at the end of each Spring semester. Since Commencement is held once a year, all candidates/graduates from that commencement year and the following Summer are allowed to participate in Commencement (i.e. for May 2022 Commencement candidates/graduates for Summer 2021, Fall 2021, Spring 2022, and Summer 2022 may participate and attend). Regarding attendance at Convocation, Summer candidates are encouraged to speak with their college to verify which year’s Convocation it is preferred that they attend.

Note: Summer candidates who participate in the Commencement or Convocation before they actually graduate are not recognized in Convocation programs until the following Spring semester ceremonies after they graduate (i.e. a Summer 2022 candidate who participates in the Spring 2022 Commencement or Convocation will not be recognized in the program until the Spring 2023 Commencement and Convocation ceremonies).

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