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If you have a uNID, you can order your official transcript and have it delivered electronically in as little as 15 minutes! Orders without a uNID and hardcopy transcripts will be processed within 1-3 business days.

order your transcripT online 

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Need to order a transcript but don't have a uNID?

If you've attended a class anytime after September 1998, even a non-credit class, you have a uNID! Use the 'Lookup Your uNID' tool or contact our staff at 801-581-5808 for help in retrieving your uNID.

If your last attendance was prior to September 1998, you can still order a transcript online using the button below.

Transcript records of students who attended prior to September 1998 are not immediately available for an electronic transcript order. However, the student/former student may email to request that their record be converted so that an electronic transcript may be generated. This record conversion process can take up to five business days to complete after the request has been made. Once the conversion is complete, the student will be notified and an order may be placed for an electronic transcript via the order online option.

Have additional questions? Take a look at our FAQ page, or contact Transcripts staff at or 801-581-8965.

Last Updated: 10/14/21