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Order Your Official Transcript

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Please follow the steps below to order an official transcript online. 

Students with a uNID

Students who have attended the university after September 1998 have a uNID. You can order an official transcript and have it delivered electronically in as little as 15 minutes. Hardcopy transcript orders will be processed within 1-3 business days. Please note, official transcripts delivered electronically are only available to download for 30 days.

Order a Transcript Online with a uNid

Forgot your uNID?

Click the button below to retrieve your uNID if you have lost or forgotten it.

Look Up Your UNID

Need to order a transcript but do not have a uNID?

Students who attended the university before September 1998 do not have a uNID. Please use the button below to order a transcript online without a uNID. 

Order a Transcript online without a uNID

If you are a student who attended prior to September 1998 and are required to provide an electronic transcript to another institution/entity, please email for options. Please note, requests of this nature have varying timelines of completion.

Help and Resources

More information can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions webpage. If you have additional questions, please email transcripts@utah.eduor call 801-581-8965 for assistance.

A uNID is a unique identifying number each student receives upon admission to the University of Utah. If you have lost or forgotten your uNID, then you may look it up online. Go to Campus Information Services and click on the Forgot your uNID? hyperlink. You will be required to verify your last name, date of birth, and social security number.

Students who attended the University of Utah before September 1998 do not have a uNID. 

Please see the information posted on the Order Official Transcript In Person webpage. 

  • Transcripts ordered online are $13 each
  • Additional fees and delivery options may apply:
      • USPS First Class Mail Domestic: $2.50
      • USPS First Class Mail International: $5.00
      • FedEx Overnight Domestic (1-2 business days average delivery): $30.00 per address
      • FedEx International Priority (1-3 business days average delivery): $55.00 per address
  • Transcripts ordered in person are $23 each. (Please note, transcripts ordered in person are only for immediate pick up. All transcripts needing to be mailed must be ordered online.)
  • Please note, most transcripts are processed within 15 minutes. Due to that quick turnaround, the Registrar's Office cannot provide refunds.

 A transcript includes a complete record of your student career at the University of Utah including course names, class numbers, grades, UofU GPA, and type of degree earned.  A transcript may also include awards received and special recognition such as Deans List or honor society membership.  A transcript will display transfer degrees and the number of credit hours accepted from other universities, but does not list grades or classes from other universities.  ACT and SAT scores that are submitted to the University of Utah are not posted on the transcript.

Good question! Here are some things to consider before making your decision:

  • Electronic copies are delivered in as little as 15 minutes and give you the option of saving the PDF.
  • If you're sending the transcript to a third party (school, employer, etc.), ask them if they accept electronic PDF copies.
  • Electronic transcripts are delivered in a secure PDF format, and are meant to be viewed electronically. The secure PDF must be viewed using Adobe Reader (available for free) or Adobe Acrobat. If printed, "Copy of Official Transcript" will be displayed across the transcript.
  • Electronic transcripts are only available to download for 30 days.
  • Electronic transcripts can not be viewed on mobile devices.
Last Updated: 9/5/23