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Scheduling Division FAQs


Can you tell me if a certain class will be offered in a future term?

Before the schedule is published online, Scheduling does not release class information for a future semester. Students can contact the department offering the course if they have inquiries before the information is available online.

Can you tell me where and when my final exam will be held?

Final exams are generally held in the classroom the course has met in during the semester, unless the final needs to be arranged by the instructor. Refer to the online Final Exam Schedule for exam times, and always verify the time and location with the instructor.

Can you tell me what class to take to fulfill a general education or major requirement?

For information regarding general requirements, students can search the online class schedule under the "Gen Ed & Bachelor Degree Courses" filter or "Class Schedule Search" links. You can also contact the Academic Advising Center (801-581-8146) to discuss graduation requirements. For major requirements, contact your major advisor for specific degree requirements.

What do I need to do to schedule a room for a meeting or an event?

Students must fill out the Student Club Meeting Request or Special Event Application Form. This application must be approved by various agencies on campus, such as Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety, and will therefore take approximately 5 business days to complete. After the event has been approved, students are required to sign a contract to finalize the process.

How much do you charge to rent a room?

Rooms are free for ASUU Registered Student Organizations to use unless you are collecting money. This includes an admission fee or a request for donations. If you are accepting money, you are charged an hourly rate based on the size of the room. Additional charges may be assessed if your group is using media equipment, custodial services, or security officers.


Can I make changes to my class, including time, capacity, classroom, or title?

All class changes must come from the Scheduling Division's designated department contacts. If you do not know who the designated department contact is, please contact the Scheduling Office. Changes will not reflect online until the following day.

Can I change the day of my final exam?

Typically, no. Most classes have a designated exam time reflected in the online final exam schedule and all finals should be held during the scheduled exam time. If an exception is requested, the department chair must send a signed memo to the Scheduling Division for your class. The department must also provide an alternate time that students can take the exam if they are unable to attend the new exam time.

My class ended yesterday, but the system will not allow me to post grades. Can you help?

Generally this problem occurs when instructor names or class dates are listed incorrectly. The Scheduling Division (801-581-7854) can verify how the class dates and primary instructor names are listed in the schedule. If class dates are incorrect, you will need to wait until the listed last day of the course to grade. Instructor changes can be made in CLSS by your designated department contact. All changes made to the system may take a few hours to update before you can log in to post grades.


When can we begin editing the schedule for an upcoming term?

Term schedules become accessible for editing in CLSS several months before being published online. Scheduling Deadlines are posted on the web. It is recommended that you check these dates periodically because they are subject to change.

Can you tell me what rooms are available for a certain meeting pattern?

The Scheduling Division can check available rooms if you have a meeting pattern and capacity in mind. Also, anyone can check available space online by using the Scheduling Grid found in Astra.

Can we schedule any classes at non-standard times?

Graduate level classes meeting in department space can hold class at non-standard times. If the class meets in general assignment space, or if it is an undergraduate/graduate combined course, a Standard Time Exception form must be submitted to Scheduling on letterhead with the department chair's signature. A committee meets periodically to review the exceptions to policy.

Can we request a specific room for a class for a future term?

The Scheduling Division tries to find appropriate, convenient space for all departments. Requests are taken into account, though we cannot guarantee the space will be available. To request a particular general assignment space, department schedulers should leave a comment in the CLSS system.

How do I get the class numbers if classes are suppressed from the web?

Class numbers can be looked up in CLSS or PeopleSoft for those with appropriate access.

Events & Signage

There is a lecture being held on campus today. Can you tell me when and where it will be held?

Members of the campus community can view the Astra Daily Grid to search for scheduled events. If the event is held outside of general assignment space, Scheduling may not have this information. Check the Calendar of Events on the main university webpage to see if the event is posted. Union Scheduling (801-581-7251) or the department sponsoring the lecture, are also great resources.

I need a facility for a performance, with a stage and seats for several hundred people. What can you recommend?

The only general assignment space we have that has an actual stage is the FMAB (Film and Media Arts Building) Auditorium, capacity of 416. The Marriott Center for Dance, Kingsbury Hall, David Gardner Hall, or Utah Museum of Fine Arts are alternate venues for your event. For more information, or to search for venue options, visit:

I am organizing a conference for a large group of people. We need a place to stay, food provided, and meeting rooms. Can you help me with that?

Scheduling only provides physical classroom space. For more in depth events where food or lodging may be needed, Conference & Event Management (801-587-2989) can assist in arranging all the details of your conference and be a liaison with other campus departments. 

I want to set up tables around campus to advertise for my company's summer internships. Can you help me with this?

Any non-university or commercial group that wants to come to campus to solicit or advertise must contact Union Scheduling (801-581-7251). The Union and the Union Patio Lawn are the only locations on main campus that can be used for this type of event.

How do I schedule banner poles?

Banner poles may only be scheduled by groups or departments advertising for university events and information. Groups requesting banner poles can visit the Banner Pole webpage for more information. Groups can schedule up to three banner poles for two weeks per event. Commercial and political advertising is not allowed. 


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