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Requesting Exception to University Policy

download formStudents are responsible for complying with all University regulations and deadlines. Pertinent information regarding registration policies, procedures, deadlines, and changes can be found online in the Student Handbook and Academic Calendars.

The University is also obligated to ensure the integrity of the transcript as an historical document. Therefore, the transcript must reflect the actual history of a student's experience at the University. Students are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their class schedule each term via the Campus Information Services.

An exception to University policy is warranted only in cases involving unusual or extenuating circumstances that would normally not be faced by other students. Modification of the record for sake of appearance does not constitute a justification for exception to policy.

Please note: Petition requests must be submitted within three years of the affected term(s) or prior to graduation from the University, whichever comes first.

Requesting an Exception to Policy:
To provide for consistency and fairness in the review process, guidelines have been established.

Current Term Past Term

Procedures for Filing Petitions:

  1. Print and complete the Petition for Consideration of Exception to Policy (PDF) form.
      • Note: For requests to delete a “W”, please see the dean of your major college. You may need to schedule an appointment and meet with the dean (or designee) to inquire about making a request to delete a “W”.
  2. Prepare a typed or hand written statement describing the request for exception to policy.
  3. Attach all supporting letters or documents to the request. Students are encouraged to make copies for their personal files as they will be charged $.50 per page if other copies are needed.
  4. Undergraduate students are required to obtain a letter of support from the dean of their major college. Graduate students are required to obtain a letter of support from their committee chairperson. You may need to schedule an appointment and meet with the dean (or designee) before a letter can be written on your behalf.
  5. Students should submit the request to the Registration Division, window 13, second floor of the Student Services Building or by mail to 201 S. 1460 E. RM 250N, Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9056. Email from Umail for questions concerning submitting.
  6. Please allow approximately two weeks for the petition to be reviewed. Students will be notified by Umail of the decision. Decisions cannot be released over the phone.
  7. Financial aid recipients - you are advised to meet with your financial aid counselor to review the possible effect if this petition is approved.
  8. International students on an F1 or J1 visa must obtain a signature of support from the International Student & Scholar Services Office. This is to ensure that, if the petition is approved, the changes do not negatively impact the student’s visa status.

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