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Transferring to the University of Utah?

This guide is designed to preview how courses taken at other institutions may transfer to the University of Utah. New transfer equivalencies are regularly being reviewed. Courses not appearing in the guide have not yet been evaluated by the university. Academic departments make all determinations regarding University of Utah transfer equivalencies.

Non-remedial courses from regionally accredited institutions which are not equated to a UofU course should receive either department or general transfer elective credit. These electives are designated at the level taken from the originating institution (1XXX, 2XXX, 3XXX, etc.). All UofU equivalences are calculated using semester hours.

The transfer equivalencies listed below are intended to be used as an unofficial guide. Students should consult with their individual department’s advising team or the Academic Advising Center to best understand how their transfer coursework will apply to their desired major. Any additional questions regarding transfer equivalencies should be sent to

How to use the transfer credit equivalency guide: 

  1. In the Institution Search box, type the name of the school where the credits will be transferred from or find the school using the alphabetical index.

  2. Select the school where you took the class.

  3. Locate the course or if needed, use the Search feature to type the course number (e.g., ENGL 101) in the course code box and click “Search".

  4. The original course will appear with the University of Utah equivalent if an equivalency has previously been determined. If the transfer course does not appear, the course will be evaluated only after official transcripts are received and reviewed.
  5. Repeat these steps for each transfer course.

Please note: As only 'active' equivalencies are shown, this is not an exhaustive list of courses accepted at the University of Utah. If a transfer course is not listed, it is possible it has not yet been evaluated by the university for acceptability and course equivalency. 

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Transfer Credit Equivalency Guide

Last Updated: 2/12/24