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  1. Institutions from which credit is transferred must have regional accreditation in order for their courses to be considered for transfer to the University (Regulations Library 6-404, III, D, 10.2). 
  1. Transfer courses that are eligible for acceptance to the University of Utah may transfer as direct course equivalents (e.g., HIST 1700) or electives (e.g., XIST 1700, HIST 1XXX, ELEC 1XXX). Transferred college-level credits that do not have direct course equivalents at the University of Utah may count toward general education, bachelor’s degree, and/or University requirements. 
  1. The University of Utah does not accept remedial or non-credit-bearing courses for transfer. (Board of Regents R470, 7.2) 
  1. Transfer courses with direct equivalents will apply to requirements the same as University of Utah courses. Academic departments may determine applicability of transfer courses to specific program curricular requirements. The applicability of transfer credit toward the General Education Program is determined by Academic Advising in consultation with Undergraduate Studies. (Board of Regents R470, 7.1) 
  1. The University accepts non-remedial transfer courses from accredited institutions with a D- grade or higher. Course equivalencies should be determined independent of any particular student and/or the grade received. If a specific grade is needed to qualify toward graduation requirements, the degree audit system may prevent such courses from applying to the degree. Articulating courses independent of grade will then allow for the transfer courses to be considered when assessing for duplication of credit.
  2. Students who transfer to the University with an Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degree or who have completed the Interstate Passport will have fulfilled the University’s entire General Education Program requirements, with the possible exception of American Institutions (AI) and Quantitative Reasoning (QA and QB). However, these individuals must also complete the University’s Bachelor Degree requirements. Courses at the transfer institution used to complete the AA, AS or Interstate Passport do not necessarily transfer as equivalent UofU courses. (Regulations Library 6-101, III, G). The Associate of Applied Science (AAS), Associate of Pre-Engineering (APE) or other similar degree does not clear General Education or Bachelor’s Degree requirements. 
  3. Registrar’s Office staff will evaluate exceptions entered into the degree audit system and create transfer articulation rules accordingly.



Last Updated: 2/1/24