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Student Data Warehouse Governance and Guidelines

Data Use

  1. Access to Institutional Data for departmental and college use only. Access to Institutional Data will be granted subject to Best Practices for data and information management and analysis and should minimize duplication of data and information capture, storage, maintenance and retrieval.
    • Must be for official use only. Data Users will be granted secure access to view or query Institutional Data based on the “need to know” in order for the individual or campus organization to perform all legitimate administrative, research, academic and other official responsibilities pertaining to the mission of the University, examples of which include but are not limited to planning, decision making, official reporting, etc.
      • The “need to know” exists when certain conditions are met, including but not limited to the following
        • The Institutional Data are needed to improve services to faculty, staff, students, patients, and other University constituents.
        • Access to Institutional Data increases the understanding, usefulness, and ease of use of the data, and/or maximizes efficiency of human, physical, and digital resources.
        • Integration of Institutional Data with other data and information or applications increases the value of the Institutional Data to those who may use it.
      • Cannot be shared with third parties (even directory information)
      • Personally identifiable information cannot be shared outside the university
  2. Published reports must not include personally identifiable information. The Office of Budget and Institutional Analysis is the official source of University information. Contact OBIA to certify any data produced from the Student Data Warehouse as an official document for published reports being sent to a third party, such as for Accreditation. 
    • Access to the Student Data Warehouse must be protected from unauthorized use. Curiosity does not constitute a “need to know.” Access to Institutional Data for academic research and inquiry may be approved subject to privacy rules and regulations, and appropriate institutional review.
    • Data Stewards and Data Users that possess or access Institutional Data accept full responsibility for the Institutional Data or subsets of Institutional Data that are in their possession and must adhere to the requirements of Policy 4-004 to protect private sensitive and critical data from unauthorized access or loss. The University Information Security, Privacy, and IT Compliance Office must approve security procedures.
    • Data Stewards and Data Users that access Institutional Data are responsible for the integrity, validity, and correctness of Institutional Data that are in their possession and must incorporate editing and validation checks to ensure the integrity and validity of such data. When Data Users identify errors in official Institutional Data, they must work with the Data Stewards and Custodians to correct the Institutional Data. If Information that is derived from Institutional Data cannot be reconciled with the official Institutional Data, it cannot be considered official Institutional Data or presented as such.
    • Departments and colleges should generally access only their students' personally identifiable data. The Data Steward is responsible for clearly specifying the conditions of use of requested Institutional Data. The Data User requesting access will be required to comply with the specified conditions of use. Non compliance with the conditions of use may result in penalties and sanctions allowed by University regulations. The Data Steward will periodically review request process and conditions of use.
      • Mailings must be restricted to those students within the college or department. No mass mailings to campus-wide student population.
      • Reports should be restricted to student data within the college or department
      • OBIA should be consulted for university-wide studies
  3. Enrollment reporting is the domain of OBIA and the Registrar's Office.
    • Departments and colleges should not report enrollment using the Data Warehouse
    • Questions regarding perceived enrollment discrepancies, should be directed to OBIA or the Registrar's Office
    • Enrollment and FTE reports should be for internal use only

For more information, review the full Policy 4-001: University Institutional Data Management

Data Warehouse Management Committee

The Data Warehouse Management Committee reports to the Associate VP of Enrollment Management. The College Dean User Group will report to this committee and a committee member will regularly attend the College Dean User group meetings as a member.


  • Approving new or changes to the standard report library
  • Audit security to the Student Data Warehouse
  • Uphold the guidelines and data use of the Student Data Warehouse
  • Approval and maintenance of the terms/definitions in the Student Data Warehouse
  • Serve as resource for best practices to the User Group in general


Timothy Ebner, University Registrar – Chair
Andrea Roner, Associate Registrar
Tom Howa, USS/UIT
Mike Martineau, OBIA
Stacy Ackerlind, Assessment, Evaluation, and Research
Bethany Crowell, Stephanie Nalbone, Luis Oquendo, and Brent Vawdrey, Current User Group Representatives
Mark St. Andre, Undergraduate Studies

College Dean User Group Governance

  • Regular attendance in the College Dean User Group meetings is required to maintain security access to the Student Data Warehouse.
  • Objective of this user group is to build best practices and share expertise/knowledge among the members.
  • Must be accountable to uphold the guidelines/data use.
  • Assist in building the standard report library that is accessible in the Student Data Warehouse to users with appropriate security.
  • Point of contact for inquiries made by their respective departments.

Department Level Users Governance (Phase II)

  • Department Level Users are trained by the College Dean User who is assigned to their College
  • Must be approved through the College Dean User
  • Only have access to their College data; all other data is masked
Last Updated: 8/25/21