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Verifications: Frequently Asked Questions

The fees for processing and receipt of a verification may vary on type of verification requested.  Please review your verification options in the Student Record Verification webpage.

Students will need picture ID and payment to request a verification in person.

The processing time for verification requests is up to 3 business days. Since there is an increased volume of requests at the beginning and end of each semester, processing times may be longer. There are several immediate verification options available through CIS. Please review your options in the Student Record Verification webpage. 

You may either complete a Verification Request Form  and include your recipient’s name (as written on picture ID) in the “Release to” field or submit a written authorization.

Please include the following information on your written authorization:

  • Type of Verification/information needed
  • Your Full name and any prior names
  • Your Student identification number and/or Social Security Number
  • Your Birth date
  • Your Approximate dates of enrollment
  • Exact name (as written on picture ID) of individual who will be picking up or requesting a verification on your behalf.
  • Your Phone number or email address
  • Student handwritten signature and date

The authorization can be presented in person, emailed, or faxed to the Verifications Division. The individual requesting the verification on your behalf must present picture identification.

Holds do not restrict the release of Self -Service verifications. However, a financial hold will restrict the release of an official transcript and custom verifications cannot be processed.

Student enrollment status is based on actual registered units for a term, this does not include wait-listed units. For enrollment status definitions refer to the Student Handbook.

The following are credit hour requirements for full time and half time status at the University of Utah:


Full Time

Half Time


12+ hours per term

6 -11 hours per term


9 hours per term

5-8 hours per term

The verifications division can only complete the portion of the form pertaining to your enrollment status. All other information will need to both be completed and signed off by the Income Accounting & Student Loans Office or the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office. If the portion pertaining to your financial information has been completed and signed off by the appropriate office, our office can complete the enrollment information, sign the form and include the University Seal.

Our office can complete most forms requesting your student information. You can have your form completed in person for a $10.00 immediate processing fee. You may also email the form to us using your student Umail or attaching a written authorization along with your form from a personal email account.  Please include details on where to send the form once complete. Emailed, faxed, or mailed requests do not have a processing fee but may take up to 3 business days to complete.

No. The University of Utah shares enrollment information with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). The NSC is authorized to act as our agent for all enrollment verifications. Lenders may access enrollment data directly from the NSC. If your student loan provider is requesting your enrollment status, inform them that the information is available at NSC.

  1. Log-in to the CIS student portal
  2. Select “Self-service Verification” tile
  3. Select “Enrollment Status” and Confirm

You will be directed to the National Student Clearinghouse website. From here you can select to “View the enrollment information on file with the Clearinghouse” or “View the student loan deferment notifications that the Clearinghouse has provided to my loan holders.”

Students can also verify their enrollment by using any of these additional options:

  1. Print your class schedule for the term
  2. Obtain an official or unofficial transcript- this will show registered courses in progress for the term
  3. Submit a Verification Request form along with payment to request a verification of enrollment directly from the Office of the Registrar

Any information considered by the University of Utah to be directory information may be verified without the consent of the student.

Please refer to the FERPA information page for additional information, including what qualifies as directory information.

Yes. You can restrict other parties from accessing your directory information by logging into the Campus Information Services and selecting the  "FERPA Release Authorization "tile." You may also complete the form to restrict information at the Registration & Records Division, Student Services Building, Second Floor, Window 13. Additional information regarding Student Privacy Rights is available online.

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