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Requisites - Interested Department Information

Departments Interested in Implementing Requisite Checking Q & A

How does our department begin enforcing requisites?

First read through all the Q&A list regarding the requisite system. If you are still interested contact the, to set up a meeting with the Requisite Committee to get a full review.

What steps are needed after deciding to enforce requisite checking?

After the meeting with the Requisite Committee, the department will be given a current requisite listing for all active courses. Instructions on how to submit changes via Kuali will be emailed to the department contact indicated within the meeting.

What are the deadlines to implement requisite checking? 

Implementation Term Deadline
Spring 2024 June 2, 2023
Summer/Fall 2024 December 1, 2023

What type of requisites CAN be enforced?

  • Courses (e.g. MATH 1010), taken at The University of Utah or articulated Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) transfer courses, that are satisfactorily completed.
  • Grades associated with courses (A, B, C, C-, etc.)
  • Standardized placement test scores (ACT, SAT, AP, UMP, UWP, ACCUPLACER) that have been recorded in the student’s academic record.
  • Student’s major or minor status within a college at the University of Utah.
  • Student Groups (e.g. HPGM, CBUS, etc.) that are active at the University of Utah.
  • Cumulative GPA
  • Academic Level (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)

What course requisites CANNOT be enforced by uEnroll?

  • Older UofU courses (pre fall 1998)
  • For any other type of requisite, like computer proficiency, the appropriate scheduling contact will have to notify the Scheduling Office each term to mark the course as "instructor consent" to monitor the requisite.

Can requisites differ with each section of a course? (e.g. MATH 1010-001 vs. MATH 1010-002)

No, all sections of the same course will carry the same requisite.

What requisites will be checked during registration if our department implements checking?

All undergraduate (1000 – 5999) level courses that have requisites listed in the course catalog will check for completion of UofU or transfer courses (with a qualifying grade), major status, and/or test scores (ACT, SAT, AP, ACCUPLACER or UMP).

How does course requisite checking work during registration?

uEnroll checks the student’s academic record (University of Utah and transfer courses that are posted) to see if the requisite course (with minimum grade), major status, or test score has been successfully completed. If the requisite was not successfully completed, the student will be given an error message indicating the requisite has not been met and the student will not be allowed to register for the course.

uEnroll also counts as "satisfied" any requisite the student is currently enrolled in when registering for a future term. However, if the student fails to satisfactorily complete the currently enrolled requisite course after the grade has been posted, the student will be dropped from the future term course due to failure to meet requisite requirements.

Can our department drop a student who has not met the requisite?

Yes, at the end of each term the department will have the opportunity to review the Post Enrollment Requisite Checking (PERC) Report.  This report lists all students who have not satisfied or conditionally satisfied the requisite requirements of completing the course with the minimum grade, dropping/withdrawing from the course or no longer being coded within the appropriate major.

The department reviews the report and indicates either a "Drop Request" or "Approved", respectively, next to each student to either drop the student or keep the student registered. When the student is dropped an email communication of the action is sent to the student's Umail account.

Please Note:

  • Requisites should only be enforced where there is substantial evidence that a specific prerequisite course is essential for success in a given course. Departments should be selective and targeted in their decisions.
  • Keep requisites as simple as possible.
  • A department may want to develop a website to streamline requests for permission numbers.

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