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Classroom Scheduling Guidelines 

The following guidelines optimize classroom space use:

  • Courses where the actual enrollment was previously less than 75% of the room capacity may be evaluated for repositioning (room or time adjustment)
  • Spaces deemed as “right of first refusal” will have classes placed as indicated in the initial schedule submission only, following posted scheduling deadlines. Any unused days/times in those rooms may be assigned to other classes by the Registrar’s Office.
  • Courses with historical enrollment less than 10 will be candidates for repositioning, giving preference to higher level undergraduate courses. Departments and colleges will also be asked to evaluate whether offering these courses is necessary and in alignment with appropriate resource use.
  • Courses following University Standard Time Blocks and using Friday meeting times will be given priority in scheduling.

To facilitate scheduling, we ask that you prepare your course schedules to:

  • Follow University Standard Time Blocks
  • Evaluate and adjust course capacities to ensure that classes can be placed in appropriately sized rooms. Courses that have not had sufficient historical enrollment may be repositioned
  • Pair Hybrid classes and Discussion sections for optimum room utilization (example: M 11:50- 1:10 must have matching W 11:50 -1:10 section)
  • Review room assignments, indicate if there is a room you will not need. Department building preferences will be observed, but cannot be guaranteed
Last Updated: 8/25/21