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Standardized Class Times

Classes taught in fall and spring semesters must adhere to standardized time blocks adopted by the University's Academic Senate.  All classes should meet the standardized times. 

In the rare instance where a class cannot meet the standard times, you may submit a request for an exception.  The Standard Time Exception Form must be completed in full and signed by the Department Chair before it will be accepted.  The deadline for exception requests is included on the list of scheduling deadlines and generally corresponds with the initial schedule submission deadline. Exception requests are reviewed each semester and either approved, denied or granted conditional approval with the terms and conditions communicated to the department.  Unless your department has been approved for a permanent exception, you must resubmit your requests each semester. 

If a class does not meet the standardized times and you have not submitted an exception request, Scheduling will change the times of the class to properly reflect the standard schedule.  Evening classes should adhere to standardized evening start times, but may end at any time.

Please note that the standardized time blocks do not apply to the summer term.


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