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Final Exams Policy

When Final Exams are required, they must be given in the regularly scheduled classroom according to the published Academic Calendar and Final Exam Schedule.  This schedule is published simultaneously with the class schedule.  Exams should be proctored at the times officially set by the Office of the Registrar. Exams should not be held on Reading Day. Typically to ensure the appropriate number of contact hours required for undergraduate courses, Final Exams should not be proctored during the last lecture of the semester.

Instructors must reserve a room in advance with Scheduling for classes that do not have a set time according to the final exam schedule. 

Departmental Exams

Departmental finals are assigned an exam time on the published exam schedule, however, rooms are assigned for exams approximately three weeks into the semester.  Departments should contact Scheduling to request specific rooms for departmental finals, otherwise rooms will be assigned based on class enrollment and proximity to department.

Instructor Requests For Alternative Exam Time

If an instructor would like to administer a final at a time that deviates from the published exam schedule, a request must be submitted to Scheduling, including the Department Chair's signature.  Instructors must provide an accommodation/alternate test time for students who have conflicts with the new exam time. 

Exam Schedule Accommodations 

Circumstances under which departments are required to accommodate rescheduling of a student exam include conflict in the published exam schedule based on student course registration (two exams scheduled during same block), officially sanctioned university scheduled activities, and weather related cancellations.  No special accommodations are made for students with multiple exams in one day. Students may approach their instructor to inquire about rescheduling an exam on an individual basis.  In circumstances other than the ones listed above, rescheduling is not required but may be approved on an individual basis by an instructor.

Excused Absences and Exam Make Up

Students absent [from class] to participate in officially sanctioned University activities (e.g., band, debate, student government, intercollegiate athletics), or government obligations (e.g., military duty), or religious obligations, or with instructor's approval, shall be permitted to make up [both assignments and] examinations. The University expects its departments and programs that take students away from class meetings to schedule such events in a way that will minimize hindrance of the student's orderly completion of course requirements. Such units must provide a written statement to the students describing the activity and stating as precisely as possible the dates of the required absence. The involved students must deliver this documentation to their instructors, before the absence. (Reference:

University Closures

Unexpected University facility closures due to weather, emergency or disaster may occur from time to time. Students may be required to complete coursework missed due to these or other class cancellations; however, instructors requiring mandatory make-up sessions may not penalize students if they are unable to attend due to time conflicts, etc. (Reference:


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