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Setting Courses to Department or Instructor Consent

Classes are able to be set to either department or instructor consent, which will require students to obtain a permission code to register.

A permission code is a unique number used to register students into a specific section. Permission numbers are used if the section is set to department or instructor consent, if no seats are available, and for all regular and first half classes beginning the second week of the term.

Department Schedulers can restrict enrollment for a particular class by placing a requirement of department consent or instructor consent in CLSS.  A list of all classes with a consent requirement or that have been suppressed can be generated in CLSS.

In order to save space and decrease load time for the online schedule, classes such as Independent Study, Masters Thesis, and Faculty Consultation (generally classes with multiple sections all with TBA meeting information) should only have the first section printed on the web.  Students can register for any section by using the class number issued by the department.


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