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Permission Numbers

Permission numbers are used by students to add classes:

  1. When the class is full
  2. When the class is restricted by the department or instructor
  3. Any time after the first week of classes, before late add forms are needed

Permission numbers are specific to a department, catalog number, and section number

For example: a permission number generated for MATH 1010-003 has to be used for that exact class and section.  It cannot be used for any other section.

Permission numbers can only be used once.

Once a permission number has been successfully used to add a class, the same number cannot be used again.  It is important that each student obtain a unique number.

Permission numbers are generated in the Registrar's Office, Scheduling Division.

However, departmental employees with Roster access can view and print class permission numbers from PeopleSoft.  Please view the following tutorial for instructions.  The Scheduling Office can generate permission numbers for classes added after the initial batch process.


Requesting Permission Numbers Tutorial

Requesting Permission Numbers (PDF)


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