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Banner Pole Reservation Regulations

Please read through the following before completing the Banner Pole Reservation Request.

  • Banner pole reservation requests are accommodated on a first come/first served basis. Banner poles can be scheduled one term prior to the expected use.  Example: Banner poles for use during fall semester can be scheduled beginning the first day of summer term.
  • Reservations are made in a week-long block, Saturday-Friday.  A maximum of 3 banner sites can be reserved per event for up to 2 week-long blocks.  If a group wishes to use more than 3 sites or to extend their reservation past the 2 week limit, the additional request for poles will be accepted one week before the requested use.  Scheduling reserves the right to change the reservation to accommodate other banner pole requests.
  • Banners must be removed by 5:00 PM on the last day of the reservation period.  Any banner that remains on the banner poles after this time may be removed by the group who is scheduled to use the poles the following week.  Scheduling is not responsible for lost or stolen banners.
  • Banners must clearly identify the author or sponsoring organization in accordance with campus regulations pertaining to signs and posters (PPM 8-9, Title IV).
  • Banner poles are not available to non-university groups including local or national political candidates or parties, or to ASUU elections by individual candidates or parties. The ASUU election registrar, however, may use banner poles to encourage participation.
  • Poles are positioned eight feet apart to accommodate banners as large as 4' x 8'.  Banners must be constructed of materials that can be firmly tied to the banner poles to withstand all weather conditions.
  • In accordance with University of Utah policies and procedures, signs, notices, and posters shall not be attached to trees, buildings, walls, or other university structures unless otherwise expressly authorized by the Scheduling Office.  Messages or slogans of any kind shall not be painted or otherwise written on trees, building, sidewalks, grounds, fountains, walls or other university structures or surfaces, or on the personal property of others (PPM 8-9, Title IV, B).
  • See the banner pole map for each banner pole site.


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