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Registrar's Office COVID-19 Summer Online Information & FAQ's

Effective: May 29, 2020, 2:00 P.M. This webpage is being updated regularly, and we encourage you to check it frequently for important information. Please note that this information is constantly evolving and we do not have all the answers at this time. For full information on the University of Utah response, please visit COVID-19 Central.

The Registrar's Office is dedicated to providing the highest-quality service while focusing on student and faculty health and safety. All classes will be conducted online for Summer Semester.

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Student Information

The following recommendations will ensure any changes in your educational experience are as seamless as possible during this unprecedented time.

  • Log in to Canvas for updates from professors on class meeting changes, including online class sessions. Your professor will provide information about the online class format.
  • Check your UMail frequently for the latest updates. 
  • Alert your professors of any absence from your online classes. For more information on when to seek medical care, visit:
  • We request that you email the Registrar's Office for any assistance
  • During this period, all forms that normally were physically dropped off may now be emailed to Please be aware processing times maybe longer then normal.

While all classes for Summer 2020 have shifted to an online format, there are two categories of classes:

Interactive Video Conference (IVC)

Instruction will take place during the time listed in the Class Schedule. Students will join remotely for a learning experience that takes place together using technology. This is called synchronous learning or a live session, meaning students are using the same time and (virtual) place

  • These have scheduled class times and meetings, often via a web conference or video meeting.
  • There is no online class fee assessed.
  • Proctored exams can be held through UOnline services.


Students are able to complete coursework on their own schedule and are not required to be online at a particular time.  This is called asynchronous learning, meaning students are free from time and place restrictions. The instruction mode will be listed as Online and the section number maybe listed as 090, 091, etc.

  • There are no scheduled class times or meetings.
  • Proctored exams can be held through UOnline services.

The university is working as quickly as possible to update the information available in the Summer 2020 Class Schedule to reflect whether each specific course will be offered as IVC or online.

There will be no Online fee for the Summer 2020 semester.

Students do not need to make any changes to their registration.

To accommodate these extraordinary circumstances, reduce stress and uncertainty, and support students who may find themselves in difficult personal circumstances, the U is also continuing the opt-in credit/no credit (CR/NC) policy adopted for the spring 2020 semester and extending the date for final decisions. Please view the Academic Calendar for the new dates

All courses taken CR/NC during the summer will count toward majors and other college or department graduation requirements. Additionally, any CR/NC course from this semester will not count against the current limits on the number of credit/no-credit courses students can take (see University Regulation 6-100A). Students should consult with faculty, academic advisors, and Financial Aid to determine the advisability of choosing this option. 

We encourage you to speak with the department offering the course to know how the lab will be offered in an online format.

If you have forgotten your password, first try to reset your own password.

If you cannot reset your own password, we can assist you. To have your CIS password reset during this time please email a signed consent.  Your signed consent will need to contain the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your uNID number.  If you do not know your uNID number, please include your date of birth and let us know you need your uNID number.
  • A statement requesting that your password be reset
  • Your handwritten signature.  No typed signatures will be accepted.
  • A photo ID

Once your signed consent has been completed, it can be scanned or photographed and emailed to

Although faculty may make schedule adjustments due to moving online, it is rare that the entire class would be canceled. The Registrar’s Office works very closely with the department offering the class, Income Accounting, Financial Aid, Veteran Services and Athletic Eligibility to ensure that students are not adversely affected before cancellations are processed.

Cancellations most likely to occur at this point would be due to required travel and or/wilderness permitting, or cases where the course objectives absolutely could not be met in an online format. If you are enrolled in a course that is cancelled you will recieve an email from the Registrar's Office notifying you of the cancelation.

Some classes will NOT be able to be offered during the summer due to physical requirements like a pool or specialty lab.

International students should consult with the International Student and Scholar Services for the best information. 

Veteran students should contact Veteran Services

Credit/No-Credit Options:

Students who wish to select the Credit/No-Credit (CR/NC) option for Summer Semester classes, can do so online through Campus Information Services (CIS) and follow the instructions on how to elect CR/NC.  Please be aware of the deadlines by session for electing and revoking CR/NC by reviewing the Academic CalendarMiscellaneous classes have until the day before the last day of class to elect CR/NC.

*Please note the following exceptions to electing CR/NC via CIS.  If your class falls into one of the below exceptions, you will need to complete the CR/NC e-form:

  • Students who are enrolled in Writing 1010, 2010 and HONOR classes.
  • Students enrolled in Dental or Law classes.
  • Students enrolled in miscellaneous classes, may elect CR/NC via CIS until the class begins. If the class has already started, complete the form to elect CR/NC. If you try to complete the form and the class does not appear, then you should be able to elect CR/NC via CIS. 

Faculty/Staff Information

  • We request that you email the Registrar's Office at for any assistance.
  • During this period all forms that normally were physically dropped off may now be emailed to, with the exception of Grade Change Forms. Grade Change Forms may be sent via Campus Mail. Please be aware that processing times maybe longer then normal.

Faculty, for guidance on how to move your class online, visit the TLT website. Faculty members with questions not answered by the website can request support by emailing

Requests for exceptions to online instruction should be rare and should come from individual college deans to the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs for review, subject to accreditation requirements.

We will be shifting ALL summer courses online this year – first session, second session, and semester-long summer courses. The change also will apply to continuing education courses. Please see your departments scheduling coordinator to determine which of the below two instructional modalities best apply to your course:


Classes that have specified times and 20% of the of the class interactions through synchronous events, such as web conferencing or live video discussions. 

  • These have scheduled class times and meetings, often via a web conference or video meeting.
  • Canvas should be listed as the virtual location.
  • Class attribute should be listed as IVC
  • There is no online class fee assessed.
  • The primary learning environments should include Canvas LMS, Zoom video meetings, or other university approved video conferencing systems (IVC, ConexED, MS Teams).
  • Proctored exams can be held through UOnline services.
  • Teaching & Learning Technologies class preparation services will be available for instructors, including:
    • Training webinars on effectively facilitating live video class sessions,
    • Canvas Fast Start online course & guides, and
    • Limited one-hour Canvas consultation appointments with TLT specialists.


Classes that are intentionally designed for schedule flexibility with 80% or more of the class interactions, resources, and work completed asynchronously online without specified meeting times or required synchronous group interactions. Online classes follow the regular semester schedule. Instructors are required by federal regulations to provide individual regular and substantive interaction with students. This can include individual messages, assignment feedback, and opportunities to meet in virtual office hours.

  • Section maybe 090 but does not have to be.
  • Class attribute should be listed with an ONLN attribute.
  • There are no scheduled class times or meetings.
  • The online class fee of $60 will NOT be assessed for Summer 2020
  • Primary Learning environments include: Canvas LMS, Kaltura pre-recorded videos, asynchronous discussion boards and online assignments/exams.
  • Proctored exams can be held through UOnline services.
  • Teaching & Learning Technologies class preparation services will be available for instructors, including:
      • Canvas online course basic template and online course setup assistance,
      • Canvas Fast Start online course & guides,
      • Half-day scheduled online course activities consultation,
      • Half-day media production consultations and assistance, and 
      • Proctored exam setup assistance.

We encourage you to speak with your department to determine whether or not certain fees should be charged.

An incomplete grade (I) should only be submitted in circumstances beyond the student’s control. The student should otherwise be passing the course and need to complete 20% or less of the course. For additional information, please view the grading policy.

To accommodate faculty/staff that are telecommuting, the Office of the Registrar will allow faculty/staff to submit grade change requests via email to for a limited time.  These emails MUST come from the faculty/staff UMail account and must include all of the following information: 

  • Student Name:
  • uNID:
  • Term:
  • Year:
  • Department Name:
  • Catalog Number:
  • Section Number:
  • Credit Hours:
  • Change grade to:
  • Date work completed:
  • Reason for report of credit/change in final grade:

If grade change requests are submitted from an email account other than UMail, or the information listed above is incomplete, the request will not be processed. 

While we normally require department approval in some instances to change a grade, we will be suspending that requirement at this time.  Once the University has returned to normal operation, grade changes processed in this manner will be sent to departments for verification of authenticity.  We will also return to the physical Report of Credit/Change in Final Grade form at that time.

Please note, a class may not be graded using a mixture of CR/NC and letter grades. The class must be graded using either CR/NC grades, or must be graded with letter grades (i.e. A-E). Please speak with your college/department to determine if CR/NC grades would be appropriate for your course, as there are implications for choosing to grade in this way.  


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