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Second Bachelor's Degree

A student who has previously earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Utah or from another accredited institution is eligible to pursue a second Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in a different discipline.  The major of the second degree cannot be the same as the previously awarded degree.  For example, a student who has earned a BA in Psychology cannot pursue a BS in Psychology.

Students should consult with a departmental advisor to determine whether a second bachelor's degree or a graduate program better meets their needs.

Students wishing to earn a second bachelor's degree must fulfill the following requirements:

  • All requirements for the major
  • Residency Hours Requirement
  • American Institutions*
  • Quantitative Reasoning (QA and QB)*
  • Lower Division Writing*
  • Upper Division Communication/Writing*
  • Diversity*
  • International Requirement*
  • Minimum 2.00 GPA
  • Current requirements for BS, BA, BFA, BSW, BMus, BUS*

*Not required if completed in the first bachelor's degree.

If a student has completed a bachelor's degree outside the U.S. and the degree is recognized by the University, Intellectual Exploration courses are automatically fulfilled.  All other requirements are evaluated separately.

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