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House Bill 211

Tuition Exemption for Teachers (for public school educators)

Information on applying for HB 211:

To qualify for a tuition exemption for teachers, the following conditions must be met:

  • "Educator" defined – An educator is a person currently employed in the Utah public school system who is a licensed educator in good standing or has been issued a letter of authorization permitting such employment under Utah Code 53A-6-104, the Board Licensure section of the Educator Licensure and Professional Practices Act.
  • Licensure, Masters and Doctoral Degree Candidates – Licensure, masters and doctoral degree candidates are not eligible for the tuition exemption program due to the extensive involvement of faculty members in mentoring and counseling such candidates.
  • Course of Study – Courses available for the tuition exemption program must meet the following criteria:
  • The courses have been determined by the State Board of Education to satisfy the professional development requirements for educator re-licensure [53A-6-104(2)(b)(i)].
  • The courses have surplus space. Any course whose total enrollment has reached the capacity determined by the instructor has no surplus space.
  • No more than 2 students in any coursemay receive the tuition exemption regardless of course capacity.
  • The courses are subject to other enrollment restrictions. Some classes may not be available because they are restricted to majors and or require permission from the instructor or department.
  • An educator may enroll in no more than 2 courses per semester as a tuition exempt educator.
  • Tuition exempt enrollments will normally be filled by educators on a first come, first serve basis. However, in order to maintain optimum class size, educators exempt from tuition may be displaced (last in, first out) by regular tuition paying students who later register for the class.

Applicants must be admitted as a non-matriculated student through The University of Utah’s Admissions Office before submitting the Application for Tuition Exemption for Teachers form to the Registrar’s Office. Learn more at the Admissions Office website.

HB 211 students do not register online. The Registrar’s Office will register those students approved for tuition reduction benefit approximately one week prior to the first week of classes.

Students taking part in the tuition exemption program will be charged an administrative registration fee of $100 per semester to cover the actual increased costs associated with registration, verification of educator status, identification of eligible courses, certification of space availability, and record keeping. Students taking classes under this program are subject to all University policies and deadlines.

Please be advised if graduate level courses are taken under HB 211, they cannot be applied to any subsequent graduate degree program.

House Bill 211 Application (for Public School Educators)

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