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Recommendation for Change of Graduate Classification

download formThe Recommendation for Change of Graduate Classification form is only for matriculated (degree seeking) graduate students. Undergraduate students must contact their department advisor to be declared within a major.

The Change of Graduate Classification form (CGC) is either used to change or discontinue the academic program/plan of a graduate student.

The form is not to be used to change a student’s classification during their admitted term. The department should send a revised graduate referral to the Admissions Office during their admitted term.

Never change a student from non-matriculated to graduate level status through the form. That type of change requires formal admittance through the Admissions Office.

The form must be submitted no later than one week before the first day of the term the change is to be effective. If not submitted on time, the change will not be effective until the next semester.

There are five approved options:

  1. Recommended for higher degree: moving from a Master’s to a PhD within the same plan – only if it is continuous registration (e.g. graduated spring with MS and continues with PhD in fall)
  2. Recommended for Master’s degree (student active in PhD within the same plan – e.g. Anthropology PhD: add Anthropology MS)
  3. Change of degree type – MEN to MS within the same plan
  4. Plan change from a pre-major to specialization (approved pre-majors: Molecular Biology, Science Program, and Biological Chemistry)
  5. Discontinue academic program/plan

Information concerning International Student Change of Graduate Classification

Recommendation for Change of Graduate Classification Form (PDF)

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