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Graduation Requirements

Catalog year means the set of requirements in place at the beginning of fall semester and running through the end of the following summer semester.

Each candidate for a baccalaureate degree may elect to satisfy the set of requirements for majors, minors and certificate programs in effect at the time of declaration or any more recent set of requirements.  However, in no case may a student select a set of requirements that was in effect more than four years prior to the catalog year in effect at the time of graduation. 

Colleges and departments can make changes to majors, minors, and certificates once a year so it is critical for students to familiarize themselves with all degree requirements associated with their catalog year.  The responsibility for complying with all regulations rests with the student.

All University of Utah undergraduate students seeking graduation MUST have fulfilled a minimum of 122 credit hours during their academic career by the end of their expected graduation term. Any student who has not met this credit hour requirement will not be considered for graduation. A student who applied for graduation and did not meet the 122 credit hour requirement by the end of that term, may reapply for graduation for a future term by submitting a Late Application/Reapplication for Undergraduate Degree form.

The University reserves the right to change, at any time, the requirements for graduation.  Every candidate for a degree is expected to comply with changes relative to uncompleted portions of course work.


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Last Updated: 11/16/21