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Advisor View Panel and Codes

Advisors have access to view Undergraduate Student Graduation Status. Click on the "View Student Graduation Status" tile which appears on the "Student Admin Services" page in CIS. From this page you will be able to see the Graduation Review Status of candidates for graduation as well as notes placed by the Graduation Division regarding any deficiencies or concerns. Both are circled in red below.

graduation tracking screenshot

The following chart shows all of the possible statuses that can display in the Graduation Review Status field.

Graduation Review Status Description
AREC Application Received
AWRD Awarded Degree
DENY Denied - Contact Advisor(s)
FRVW In Final Review
ICMP Initial Evaluation Complete
IEVL Initial Evaluation in Process
IRVW Needs Additional Review Evaluation Pending
PADV Contact Advisor(s)
PCMP Review Complete, Ready to Award
PEVL Provisional Review in Progress
PONT Review Complete On Track
RAWD Ready to Award

If you have any questions, please contact the Graduation Area at

Last Updated: 8/25/21