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Security Forms

You have completed the FERPA Review and are now FERPA Certified.

  • Faculty: You will automatically gain access to E-grading, Class Rosters, etc. This access is processed once daily, and then hourly in the final week leading up to the term. You may click exit. If additional access (PeopleSoft, My Degree Dashboard, etc.) is required, please complete the appropriate form(s) below.
  • Staff: Please select the appropriate form(s) below.

Student Records & Class Security Forms

  • Student Records Security Authorization  use this form to request initial access to student records (e.g. Class Rolls, Picture Class Rosters, Manage Class Links, Class Demand Report, MARS, and Academic Reports) and PeopleSoft.
  • My Degree Dashboard Security Authorization  Use this form to request access to view or enter student degree audit exceptions. Individuals also needing access to generate or view degree audits should use the Student Records Authorization form and indicate DARSVIEW under the Operator Classes Associated with Student Information section. Access to the planning system is tied to the ADVSRVW and MANDADV operator classes.
  • E-Grading Security Authorization  Use this form for employees who need to view, save, or post grades for several instructors within a college or department.


Last Updated: 9/11/19