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Change of Major/Minor

The Change of Major/Minor web application is designed to provide a user friendly way for advisors and other employees to easily and accurately maintain a student's major/minor status and catalog year.

Which students are eligible for a Major/Minor Change via the web app?

Eligible Ineligible
  • An Undergraduate Student
  • A student who is currently active in a Major,
    Pre Major or Intermediate Major.
  • A Non-Credit, Graduate, Medical, Dental, or Law Student
  • A student who has been discontinued from the University
  • A student on a Leave of Absence
  • A student on Academic Suspension
  • A student who has applied for graduation
  • A student who has graduated

Catalog Year Changes

Advisors using the Major/Minor change functionality will be able to update the Catalog Year for a student’s primary major, any secondary majors, and minors.

Help Resources:

Change Major/Minor Web Application Help Document (PDF)

For help with this application or for assistance in changing a major for a student who is ineligible to be changed via the web application, please contact the Registration and Records area at or 801-581-8969.

Last Updated: 8/27/21