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General Education and Bachelor Degree Course Codes

These codes are used within the University of Utah systems (Class Schedule, Degree Audit, Degree Plans, Transfer Summary, etc.) to quickly identify courses approved to contribute to General Education and/or Bachelor’s Degree requirements.

AI American Institutions
AS Applied Science
BF Social/Behavioral Science Exploration
CW Upper Division Communication/Writing
DV Diversity
FF Fine Art Exploration
HF Humanities Exploration
IR International Requirement
LR Language Requirement BA
QA Quantitative Reasoning-Math
QB Quantitative Reasoning-Statistics/Logic
QI Quantitative Reasoning BS
QR Quantitative Reasoning-Math and Quantitative Reasoning-Statistics/Logic
SF Physical/Life Science Exploration
WR1 Writing Requirement 1
WR2 Writing Requirement 2

Multiple General Education and/or Bachelor Degree Course Codes

BFAS Behavioral Science Exploration or Applied Science
BFHF Behavioral Science Exploration or Humanities Exploration
BFSF Behavioral Science Exploration or Science Exploration
CWDV Upper Division Communication/Writing and Diversity
CWFF Upper Division Communication/Writing and Fine Arts Exploration
CWHF Upper Division Communication/Writing and Humanities Exploration
CWIR Communication Writing and International Requirement
CWSF Upper Division Communication/Writing and Science Exploration
DCHF Diversity and Communication/Writing and Humanities Exploration
DHBF Diversity and (Humanities or Behavioral Science Exploration)
DVBF Diversity and Behavioral Science Exploration
DVFF Diversity and Fine Arts Exploration
DVHF Diversity and Humanities Exploration
DVSF Diversity and Physical/Life Science Exploration
FFHF Fine Arts Exploration or Humanities Exploration
IHBF International Requirement and (Humanities or Behavioral Science Exploration)
IQIB International Requirement and Quantitative Intensive and Quantitative Reasoning - Statistics/Logic
IRBF International Requirement and Behavioral Science Exploration
IRFF International Requirement and Fine Arts Exploration
IRHF International Requirement and Humanities Exploration
IRSF International Requirement and Science Exploration
QBBF Quantitative Reasoning-Statistics/Logic and Behavioral Science Exploration
QBCW Quantitative Reasoning-Statistics/Logic and Upper Division Communication/Writing
QBHF Quantitative Reasoning-Statistics/Logic and Humanities Exploration
QBQI Quantitative Reasoning-Statistics/Logic and Quantitative Intensive
QIBF Quantitative Intensive and Behavioral Science Exploration
QICW Quantitative Intensive and Upper Division Communication/Writing
QIIR Quantitative Intensive and International Requirement
QRQI Quantitative Reasoning-Math and Quantitative Reasoning-Statistics/Logic and Quantitative Intensive
SFHF Science Exploration or Humanities Exploration


Last Updated: 12/8/21