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Transcripts: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the processing time?

You can receieve an e-transcript in as little as 15 minutes. Other orders are fulfilled as soon as possible but may take several business days.

My official transcript hasn't reached its destination.  What can I do?

You can check your order status by logging into the transcript ordering page.

Can someone else come and pick up a transcript for me?

You may submit written authorization giving permission for a person to obtain a transcript. The statement should include the name of the friend or relative authorized to receive the transcript, your signature and the date.  The authorization may be submitted in person or as an attachment to an email.

The individual obtaining the transcripts on your behalf must present picture identification.

Will the classes I am currently taking be on my transcript?

Yes, courses in progress will be listed on your transcript. 

What information is on my transcript?

A transcript includes a complete record of your student career at the University of Utah including course names, class numbers, grades, GPA, and type of degree earned.  A transcript may also include awards received and special recognition such as Deans List or honor society membership.  A transcript will display transfer degrees and the number of credit hours accepted from other universities, but does not list grades or classes from other universities.  ACT and SAT scores that are submitted to the University of Utah are not posted on the transcript.

Can I get a transcript if there is a hold on my records?

If the hold restricts the release of transcripts, your transcript cannot be released until the hold has been removed.  Transcripts will not be issued until all financial obligations to the University of Utah have been cleared.

What type of payment is accepted?

The Transcripts Division accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. Cash, check or money orders payable to the University of Utah are also accepted. We do not accept UCards.

If I repeated a class, why does it still appear on my transcript?

You are able to repeat courses at the University as long as the course is still offered by the University of Utah. The original grade will still show on your transcript; however it will not be calculated into your GPA.  For questions regarding repeated courses, please call the Registration Division at (801)581-8969.

How can I order a transcript if I am unable to come to your office and unable to order transcripts online?

If you are unable to go online to request a copy of your transcript and unable to come to our office, please submit a letter containing the following information to the Transcripts Division:

  • Full name and any prior names
  • Student identification number and/or your Social Security Number
  • Birth date
  • Phone number or email address
  • Approximate dates of enrollment
  • Address where transcripts should be mailed
  • Student signature and date
  • Payment information ($13.00 each)

Can I request transcripts by phone or email?

No, we cannot release your transcripts to you or a third party without your written consent.  E-mail is not a secure form of communication.  You should never give out any personal information, such as social security or credit card numbers, by e-mail.

If I need to send a transcript to the University of Utah, where should I send it and how can I find out if my transcript from another school has been received?

All incoming transcripts are sent to and processed by the Admissions Office.  Please contact their office if you have questions about sending transcripts to the University of Utah and to determine if your transcript has been received.

Mailing Address:

University of Utah Admissions Office
201 S. 1460 E, RM 250-S
Salt Lake City, UT

Transcripts and Verifications

Student Services Building,
2nd Floor, Window 17

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Transcripts & Verifications
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Phone: (801) 581-5808
Fax: (801) 585-9151


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