On October 1, we began requiring students to provide their FERPA Personal Identification Number (PIN) when requesting registration changes by phone.  This allows us to better confirm a student’s identity before proceeding to change their record. Instructions for how to setup a FERPA PIN

Fall 2015 
graduation applications were due June 1st. Applications are currently still accepted with a $25 late fee.

Dates & Deadlines

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Fall 2015
  • Oct 2:  Last day to reverse CR/NC for first half classes
  • Oct 9: First half classes end
  • Oct 11-18: Fall break (no classes)

Spring 2016

  • Nov 2: Graduation applications due
  • Nov 5: Registration dates begin

U of U Asia Campus
Fall 2015

  • Oct 9: Hangeul Proclamation Day (no classes)

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