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Student Record Verification

The University of Utah Verifications Division can provide a variety of letters to verify student information. You can obtain verifications online, in person, or by fax or mail. Please view the following to determine which letter best suits your needs.

Students can now obtain enrollment verifications for the current term (or for all terms attended) online, 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week.  Online verifications are available for students who have attended the University of Utah since September 1998 and have access to the Campus Information Services.

To View or Print Your Student Record Verification Online:

  • Log in to the Campus Information Services
  • Select "Self-Service Verification Request" under "Student Records"
  • Follow the self-help instructions

This enrollment verification certificate can be presented to health insurance agencies, housing authorities, consumer product companies, banks, etc., when asked to provide official evidence of enrollment at the University of Utah.

Types of Verifications

Address: This letter states the most current mailing address a student has listed on the Campus Information Services (CIS).

Anticipated Degree in 30 Days: Provided for students who have applied for graduation. It states the anticipated graduation date, anticipated degree, and indicates that degrees are posted to student records within 30 days after graduation.

Anticipated Graduation Date: States when a student expects to graduate. Unless the student has applied for graduation, this date is based on the number of credit hours completed.

Class Standing: Indicates whether a student is considered a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior.

Current Class ScheduleLists the classes a student is currently enrolled in and the corresponding credit hours.

Dean’s List: This letter verifies if a student was on the Dean’s List for a specific semester. To qualify for the Dean’s List undergraduate students must receive a term GPA of 3.5 or higher for 12.0 or more graded credit hours.

Degree: Verifies the degree(s) that a student has been awarded from the University of Utah.

Grade Point AverageThese letters can verify either a student’s cumulative GPA or GPA for a specific semester.

Invitation Letters: These letters are issued in cooperation with International Student & Scholar Services and allow international students to invite relatives to the University of Utah. The letter states the student’s enrollment status, purpose for the visit, and the relatives name and relation to the student. See the International Student Verifications section for additional information.

Withdrawn from All ClassesIndicates the date a student withdrew from the University of Utah and if needed the student’s prior enrollment status.

Transcripts and Verifications

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