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Scheduling Special Events

Scheduling processes requests for events for a particular semester only after the class schedule is posted online.  If you need to schedule an event for the Spring 2015 semester, for example, you will need to wait until the Spring 2015 Class Schedule is posted on the web.  This ensures classes receive priority for room assignments. Special events like reviews, presentations, lectures, faculty or departmental meetings, etc. can be scheduled by the person in charge (i.e., the instructor, TA, or department secretary).  Changes to classes, however, must come through a designated department contact.

The following guidelines apply to the use of Scheduling Division space:

  • No food or drink is allowed in classrooms or auditoriums
  • Users are responsible for damages and cleaning up own debris
  • Visitors on campus must comply with University of Utah parking regulations.  If you have questions regarding parking, please call (801) 581-6415
  • If your event charges admission or is accepting donations, whether it is for a non-profit group or a department fundraiser, Scheduling will charge hourly rates which vary depending on the size of the classroom requested
  • The Scheduling Division sends University Security a bi-weekly memo notifying them of special events to ensure that the buildings and rooms will be unlocked.  However, in the unlikely event that your room is locked despite your reservation you must have a copy of your event confirmation with you before Security will unlock the facility.  On weekdays, building are generally unlocked from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM

If you would like one-on-one training in our office, or if you have any questions regarding procedures for scheduling, please feel free to contact us at (801) 581-7854.


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