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Important Miscellaneous Notes

  • The term "Session" refers to the dates the class meets throughout the semester
    • Regular Session - classes meeting the full term (This is the default session.  If no class dates appear, the class is a regular session offering.)
    • 1st Half - classes meeting the first half of the semester
    • 2nd Half - classes meeting the second half of the semester
    • Miscellaneous or 4th Session - classes meeting on miscellaneous dates in the semester (i.e., a two-week intensive course).  Classes rolled from previous term with miscellaneous dates will change back to the default session 4 dates, which begin before 1st session and end after final exams.  Please designate specific dates for these classes so rooms will be assigned accurate dates.  Please double check all end dates as those dates determine when web grading will be available for instructors.
  • In order to save space and decrease load time for the online schedule, classes such as Independent Study, Masters Thesis, and Faculty Consultation (generally classes with multiple sections all with TBA meeting information) will only have the first section printed on the web.  Students can register for any section by using the class number issued by the department.
  • Any changes made to days, dates, times or enrollment capacity may result in the loss or change of room assignment.
  • Room assignments are not final until the class schedule is published on the web.  Even then, room assignments may change in order to accommodate the largest number of classes possible.
  • Income Accounting enters fees on the schedule.  Call them at (801) 581-7344 for any changes or additions to class fees.


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