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Exemption to University Policy - Current Term

W Delete

The Academic Senate established the "W" grade to allow students to withdraw from classes for circumstances beyond their control without affecting their grade point average. Requests to delete a "W" are not approved unless documentation is provided that demonstrates administrative actions on the part of the University were the cause for the withdrawal. Supporting documentation on official letterhead must be attached to the petition. Requests to delete a “W” are only accepted from the dean or dean’s office designee of the college associated with the student's major. Students must initiate requests to delete a “W” with their college dean or dean’s office designee. As such, a student may need to schedule an appointment and meet with the dean (or designee) before a petition to delete a “W” may be initiated.

Withdrawing After the deadline

Students may appeal the deadline for withdrawal if they have a nonacademic emergency. Students who have pre-majors or declared majors should submit petitions and supporting documentation to the Office of the Dean of their academic college. Undeclared and non-matriculated students should apply to the Academic Advising Center. Students enrolled in workshops, short-term classes, or noncredit courses may petition the deadline to withdraw by submitting a petition and supporting documentation to the Continuing Education Office, 1202 Annex.

Petitions must be submitted to the appropriate college dean by the last day of regular instruction preceding the final exam period. Colleges will respond to petitions from a student within seven calendar days of receipt.

International students on an F1 or J1 visa who are requesting a total withdrawal must include a letter of support from International Student & Scholar Services.

Credit/No Credit

Restrictions have been placed on the credit/no credit policy to ensure that it is not abused. Students are expected to comply with the published deadlines. The following reasons do not represent justification for exception to the credit/no credit policy:

  • To avoid required work in class or an undesirable grade.
  • To improve grade point average.

When circumstances involve a physician, counselor, or University representative, documentation must be submitted on official stationery or University letterhead.

The dean of the college associated with the student's major must initiate requests for credit/no credit changes for past terms. (U of U Policy & Procedures Manual, No. 9-7, Rev.18)

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