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UOnline All-Online Program Registrar FAQ’s

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Main campus students will register for section 90-99.  These section are only available for main campus students.

UOnline students will register for section 290-299.  These section are only available for UOnline students.

Current students can change to or from all-online declared status in a qualified program at certain times during their program of study. Speak with an academic advisor and a financial aid specialist to begin the process to understand how all-online or on-campus status will impact your financial aid disbursements and progress toward finishing your degree at the University of Utah.

Please view the Academic Calendar

Please note the calendar dates for UOnline, late adding of courses is not possible with this program.

Your degree from UOnline is taught by faculty from University of Utah and your diploma and transcript will say "University of Utah."

UOnline all-online undergraduate tuition is a flat-rate $260 per credit hour for Utah residents and out-of-state students alike. We waive all the mandatory university fees that fund activities and facilities that all-online students don’t use. All-online students will pay one-time matriculation fee and application fees and any specific course fees covering instructional resources for particular classes. 

UOnline all-online undergraduate degree programs are 100% online. If you wish to take classes on campus, then you will need to enroll as a campus-based student.

Yes! UOnline students are encouraged to participate in university Commencement. More information can be found on the University Commencement website.

You must apply and be admitted to the University in an UOnline all-online program in order to take any for-credit, UOnline all-online undergraduate program courses. Students registering for online classes follow the University of Utah’s standard registration procedures. UOnline all-online courses have their own class schedule, go to the Class Schedules webpage and locate the appropriate term for the Online Campus class schedule.






Last Updated: 4/28/20